The Curious Case of Campus Ambassadors + the 3 Startups Hiring Them This Fall

These days, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved, show your love and connect with awesome companies! You can Tweet  at them. You can “Like” them. You can profess your love for them in a video. You can Hangout  with them. Or, you can represent them as a Campus Ambassador!

What’s a Campus Ambassador?

Campus Ambassadors are liaisons between a company and their university. They serve as the campus voice and main contact for the company.

Ambassadors are excited about the company and its products. They’re active leaders in their campus community. They know who the influencers are on campus (both students and faculty). They’re approachable, responsible and organized. They’re creative and up-to-date on the latest technology. They promote parties, organize hack-a-thons, volunteer for campaigns and visit their professors during office hours. They major in everything from Marketing to Computer Science.

What does a Campus Ambassador do?

Ambassadors are usually tasked with:

• Planning and hosting cool events on campus
• Providing product demonstrations for their campus community
• Developing campus-specific marketing and outreach campaigns
• Collecting feedback and sharing new ideas from the university’s community with the company

What are the benefits of becoming a Campus Ambassador?

Aside from the awesome swag that usually comes along with the job, Ambassadors are often the first on their campus to learn about the company’s latest features and product releases. They’re given a unique opportunity to develop their communication and leadership skills, with access to mentors, and sometimes, industry leaders and events.

How does this role differ from an internship?

Internships are designed as on-the-job training in preparation for a professional career. They help students develop a skill in a particular area. Most roles are paid positions or they are offered as academic credit. However, Ambassador roles are informal positions located on campus. They usually come with minimal supervision, which means students are given more control over how often they work and the types of projects they develop to work on.

While different from an internship, Campus Ambassador positions still offer students the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience, develop relationships with employers and complete meaningful projects — all from the comfort of their campus.

Check out these Ambassador roles with three leading startups below.

Hustle Hard With Top Hat Monocle

Top Hat Monocle logoYou want to learn how to generate leads, pitch products and develop the presentation skills of Steve Jobs. Awesome! Top Hat Monocle is making education more interactive (for students and professors) and they’re looking for Campus Business Development Associates to help them get the word out. This commission-based position comes with access to mentorship opportunities with Silicon Valley thought leaders and could turn full-time for an awesome student. Apply. 

Make Your Mark in Marketing with Study Hall
StudyHall Logo

You’re practically a “trending topic” on campus. You’re scrappy, fearless and you developed the much-talked about marketing campaign that helped elect the current Student Body President. You’re fluent in Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Sound like you? Tired of texting friends about class assignments? Study Hall is revolutionizing the way students collaborate with peers to share class notes and work on group projects. They’re looking for the brightest and best students to represent them as Campus Founders. For students considering a career in management, this is an awesome first step. Apply

Go Viral With Grantoo: Help Students Play to Pay for College
Grantoo logo

You’re the Scooter Braun of your campus. You know the newspaper editors, fraternity presidents and the top gamers on your campus. You’re often found with a smartphone in one hand and a laptop in the other. Your friends look to you when it’s time to make plans for the weekend. Now Grantoo, a charitable gaming startup, wants you to help them promote their startup as a Brand Ambassador on campus. Plan game-a-thons, manage your school’s social media presence, pass out fliers and create buzz about Grantoo with the influencers on your campus. This paid position promises lots of awesome swag and fun! Apply. 

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