The Internship Hangout Videos: Hours of Internship Advice From Google, CBS Interactive and more!

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On February 29th InternMatch hosted our first ever internship hangout. We got the chance to speak with the people who sit on the other side of the table — recruiters and HR execs from companies like Google, CBS Interactive and more.  These individuals interview thousands of students and read hundreds of resumes every month (yes, according to our speakers, they do actually read ALL of them) and we convinced them to share some of their secrets on how a student can stand out in the internship process and get a position at their company.

What did we discover?  While there is no secret sauce to finding your next internship there are plenty of ways you can get ahead.  Internship searching is a skill, like becoming a better writer or mastering Algebra, that can be taught and improved with practice.

Our 3 Biggest Takeaways from the Event:

  • Learn to tell your story.  Every company has a picture of the ideal student for their company and role.  A perfect resume tells a story, showing how everything you have done in College and outside leads to you being the perfect match for that position.
  • Start Networking.  Every single company at our hangout cited networking as one of the best ways for students to land internships.  While Nestl
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Nathan Parcells

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