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The Motto That Helped Me Stay On Track During My Entry Level Job Search

Anyone who’s studied Physics will be familiar with the term vector. I became reacquainted with it while browsing through my high school textbooks, and decided to adapt it as my personal slogan: Become a vector!

A  vector is a quantity with both magnitude ( a number or “force”), and specific direction, usually represented by an arrow. Why does this matter? Because in your job search it is key to both have a direction as well as to find ways to keep moving further forward along that path.

In my job search, I’ve become distracted by all the different career opportunities thrown at me, many moving along paths that seem interesting but aren’t right for me. Its important to think of the purpose any job or professional interaction will serve in the long run. Will they  get you closer to your dream career?

Having been  in the  job market for a short while and having found it frustrating, it’s easy to see how one can get eager, and  desperately jump at any opportunity. It’s important to be patient and always ask whether this will add substance to my  resume?

I am an English major with a degree in Journalism. I want to edit the next Harry Potter or interview Tyler Florence, and be paid for it, but  if an opportunity doesn’t get me even remotely  to what I want any closer to what I want, If I’m not a vector then I’m just wasting time.

So, things I have to remember:

  1. What I want career-wise.
  2. What my skills sets are.
  3. Never to get desperate

Applying for jobs that are tailored towards my goals will go a long way in this process. Even if they are entry-level jobs it can be a learning experience that will keep you on track to where you eventually  want to go.

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Anna Gray

Anna is an English student at CUNY, and has written for and Twice Magazine. She has a degree in Journalism and is currently working on one in English. She is a hoarder of books and lover of food, and wishes reality hadn’t dashed her dreams of being a well-paid travel writer. One day she hopes to get a position that combines all three, and she’s here to share her progress with you- from internship to beyond.