Tie or No Tie? A Guide to Interview Outfits for Men

Ever wondering if those cargo pants and collared shirt will be enough to impress at an interview? Think again. Gentlemen, the competition is fierce out there in the world and you definitely don’t want to lose the job based on your wardrobe.

Here are three examples of outfits that are sure to land you wardrobe points in that much anticipated interview:


The No-Fail Calvin Klein Inspired Interview Outfit

 classic interview outfit

Even if you don’t fancy spending all your money on a Calvin Klein suit, this is a good example of a suit that is perfect for an interview. The extremely slim fit has recently become a popular choice, and for good reason as it is quite a handsome trend. Pair one of these slim suits with a slim tie and you’ll be acing your interview in the wardrobe category.


The Can’t-Go-Wrong Dress Shirt/Dress Pants Look

Can't Go Wrong

Now if you aren’t feeling the whole suit jacket style, opt for a nice looking dress shirt paired with some slim trousers and a pair of nice looking dress shoes like the ones featured above. Adding a watch is always a good option and works as a great completion accessory to bring the entire ensemble together.


The Wear-Your-Sweater-To-Work Combination

Wear Your Sweater to Work Day


 Option number three takes a more casual approach: pairing a dress shirt with a sweater. This is also a good option for the months of cooler weather. Once again we have the dress socks and shoes that are a staple in the male wardrobe and always a good idea to have on hand. With this style, you can usually get away without a tie, but (as uncomfortable as it is-sorry guys) I highly recommend wearing one as it looks more professional. Finally, the watch adds a finishing touch that is sure to impress.

*One more tip for the road and possibly the most important: ALWAYS WEAR DRESS SOCKS WITH DRESS PANTS. I can’t stress this enough. I have worked with guys who wear athletic socks or short socks with dress pants and shoes which is most definitely a fashion faux-pas, or in other words, a serious mistake. Even if you’re not up to date with the latest trends, this is an absolute must!

Hopefully these three outfits have given you an idea of what to wear to an interview. Lastly, feel free to leave any comments with suggestions or questions!

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