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Below, reader Savannah asks for resume help from the InternMatch Communities so she can gain different points of view. Continue reading to see the suggestions Savannah received and learn how you can make your resume awesome!


I’m struggling with my resume. Every time I show it to someone new they tell me it’s bad and there are a million things I need to change. Then, I change it and show it to the next person and they have the same thing to say as the previous person.Can you guys please look at my resume and let me know what I’m doing wrong? I am in the process of trying to get out of the childcare field and into a job where I can make the cross over into the tech field.

Katelyn Hare:

Hello Savannah,
I am going to share my thoughts and suggestions about your resume, but I am no way telling you that it is bad. People will have opinions over everything and they will contradict other people’s opinions, but you have to go with your gut because ultimately it is YOUR resume. No one else’s.I really like your logo and the hierarchy of the content. I like your “Areas of Expertise” section, although it is a bit large and takes up space. The employer should get a sense of your expertise through your descriptions in your “Work Experience” section.

Some Quick Notes:

-Two paged resumes are a no-no
-Resumes don’t need an objective
-Contact information should be more towards the top
-References should not be on a resume; they belong on separate document if requested by employer
-Employers don’t care about where you went to high school unless it was a magnet school for your field or you have no college experience
-Reorder your skills. I would have them listed as:
  • Web development
  • Graphic design (Graphic and web can be interchangeable depending on what you’re leaning more towards)
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Social media
  • Leadership

Items like “creativity” and “organization” are not skills, they are characteristics. Professionalism and productivity are assumed by the employer. You can use these words to describe yourself in the interview, but I would keep it off the resume. If you want to ‘beef’ up the skills section, add different coding languages and softwares you know. Do you use Photoshop or Illustrator? Do you know HTML or JavaScript? List them!

A resume shows what you have done, your skills and education. Keep it simple and definitely stick to one page. This is your marketing tool. If you’re right for the job, you should be able to market yourself with one page.

My answer is very direct and I hope you take these suggestions into consideration. I do like your style, and I’m glad we have another woman joining the tech field. By the typography and the logo, I see talent in you, and you will do very well.



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