The Post-Interview Checklist

You just finished your job interview, but you are not sure how you performed. As soon as the interview is over, go to a quiet location and use the following checklist to evaluate how you did, and take notes on how to improve for the next interview:

My Non-Verbal Communication
_ I maintained eye contact
_ I used positive body language
_ I consistently showed enthusiasm and energy
_ I did not fidget or otherwise show nervousness
_ I was appropriately dressed

Verbal Communication
_ I avoided filler words such as “Umm”
_ I spoke slowly and provided clear responses to questions
_ I emphasized my strengths and highlighted my top skills
_ I used proper grammar and avoided using acronyms
_ I provided specific examples of my accomplishments and strengths with C.A.R. stories
_ I paused to organize my thoughts prior to responding to difficult questions
_ I kept all of my answers under 2 minutes

_ I remained positive throughout
_ I showed self-confidence
_ I expressed well defined career goals
_ I showed my personality (e.g., likable, charming, funny)
_ I had good chemistry with the interviewer
_ My answers were consistent
_ I finished strong (summarized my case, expressed my enthusiasm for the job and the company, and sold myself as an outstanding candidate)
_ I demonstrated that I researched the organization
_ I asked good questions at the end including asking about next steps

For my next interview, I should focus on improving:

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