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What I Learned About Business From Ivanka Trump

I just finished reading “The Trump Card” by Ivanka Trump, the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions of The Trump Organization and co-founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection. In this memoir she describes what it was like growing up in a privileged environment and how she came to be the youngest member of the Trump Organization chairman board.

Here is what I learned:

Everyone Has a Trump Card

Ivanka understands that she was born with many advantages. Her parents were billionaires, so she got to have many experiences normal people couldn’t; she was able to have the best, most prestigious education money can buy and she had plenty influential contacts through her parents. She calls these advantages her “Trump Card.”

But, she says everyone can have a “Trump Card.” Even if you weren’t born rich, you have qualities and advantages to help you succeed. For example, you may have a natural talent of talking and impressing people. Or, math and equations may come naturally to you. There is something about you that will put you above the rest.

Use Your Trump Card to Your Advantage

Ivanka knew of these advantages that she had, and she used them to her advantage unlike most of her other privileged peers. Most of her rich friends took their “Trump Cards” for granted. They thought they could go through life and do whatever they wanted because they had an inheritance waiting for them. Some of them even wasted their youth being messed up on drugs and not building a career for themselves.

So, don’t take your advantages for granted. Use them. If you can draw exceptionally well, don’t put it on the back burner to learn psychology. If you have a professor that tells your class that he is available to students after class hours for any advice or questions, go to him for advice and armed with questions. Look for opportunities to go above and beyond the rest.

Keep an Open Mind

Being in charge of establishing deals, Ivanka has to travel on a whim to meet face-to-face with business partners. In doing this, she is exposed to all sorts of people from all sorts of cultures with all sorts of views. She uses this to her advantage and has conversations with anyone. She wants to know how they do business and how she can incorporate their good ideas into her own business in order to grow.

Learn from people. Hear what they have to say. See their point on things. You’ll learn and grow with more insight in your field. You may disagree with things people say, but sometimes, you might change your perspective on some matters once you see it through someone else’s eyes.

Having the Trump name attached to her may be the reason for her success, but part of it was taking what she was handed and using it to her advantage. You can do the same with what you were handed.

What is your “Trump Card?”

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