Win a Mentorship Lunch with Robert Scoble

technologyDo you ever wonder how rapidly changing technology will impact the world in the next 2, 5 or 50 years? Curious who are the most   innovative new startup companies and learning how they came to see the light of day?  Interested in building online communities and seeing how one grows a Twitter following to over 180,000 tweeps?  Ever wonder what it would be like to interview tech leaders like Mark Zuckerburg?

Today InternMatch is launching a life changing opportunity to meet with renowned video blogger and technology evangelist Robert Scoble.  You will get to swap roles with the man who is known for bringing his flip camera everywhere, and you will be given the chance to interview him about how he got his roots in the tech world.

Robert’s Storied Career:

Robert has been spending his time and energy helping spread excitement for innovative tech companies and entrepreneurs for nearly a decade. He started developing a following in 2003, working for Microsoft, and pioneering new blog tactics for the tech juggernaut — offering the public unique insight into the work and vision of the company.  Robert left Microsoft in 2006 and began working full-time filming and broadcasting breaking stories on tech companies.  First at PodTech on the Scoble Show and later at Fast Company on ScobleizerTV, Robert became famous for taking his camera to interviews and meetings with  entrepreneurs across the world.  Robert has now filmed hundreds of tech companies and founders from Mark Zuckerburg at Facebook to Biz Stone and Evan Williams, founders of Twitter.

How to Win the Competition:

Aside from blogging and filming, Robert is known for being incredibly active on new forums for open communication.  He has over 180,000 twitter followers and is known as one of the most prolific Tweeters on the web.  He also has embraced new Q and A site Quora to share deep responses to technology questions that are asked on the site.

To win this competition you will have to engage on Quora and share your opinions on technology trends.  Three questions have been posted by Robert and the person with the most upvotes for each question will be a finalist as well as 2 individuals selected as having great overall repsonses, regardless of vote count:

  1. What interview question are you most excited to ask Robert and why?
  2. What technology company do you think will spur the biggest innovation in 2012?
  3. What technology trends do you think will most dramatically change the world by 2015?

Finally Tweet Your Answer: Check out my answer on why I want to interview Robert Scoble [link to answer] @scobleizer @internmatch #killthecoverletter

The competition will run through July 15th — so there is plenty of time to be creative in your answers and to find ways to get the community to support and upvote your answer.

The finalists will get a chance to interview and be selected to have a paid for one one one lunch with Robert where they can interview him about the future of tech.

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