Win a free trip to Silicon Valley, Visit the Offices of Facebook, Google, AirBnB and more!

Break-Into-the-Big-Leagues_-artInternMatch is excited to partner with General Assembly, one of the leading online learning platforms in the country, to help send a student and a friend on the trip of a lifetime.

If you win this contest you will get an all expenses paid trip to Silicon Valley, a personal tour of four of the fastest growing tech companies in the world Google, Facebook, Twitter, and AirBnB and the opportunity to meet the hiring managers at each of these companies. Not only is this a really cool way to build your network and prepare to break into a career in tech, but these offices are legitimately some of the most unique in the world (checkout AirBnB’s office in this TC Cribs episode!).

On top of the free trip,  housing, and more, you will get three hours of one-on-one career mentoring from InternMatch and General Assembly on how to land a jobs as well as coffee meetings with a handful of VC partners, company founders, and other Silicon Valley VIPs.  All said entering this campaign is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get to know the whose who of Silicon Valley.

For those who don’t win you won’t be left empty handed.  Everyone who enters gets free access to General Assembly’s “How to Get a Job at a Startup” online course and will be badged on InternMatch with a startup badge to better standout to tech employers!

So don’t delay—take 30 seconds to enter the competition here.




The competition ends December 20thenter it now!

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