Wrapping Up Your Internship

This time of year, students are overwhelmed with final exams, projects, preparing for next semester and advising…oh my! For those who are also balancing an internship with their course load, this is a great time to evaluate your internship and see how this time and work has shaped your collegiate experience. Hopefully it has been a positive experience and you are interested in returning to this company or organization again in the future.  So as you wrap up your time at your internship, here are a few suggestions on how to leave on a good note:

  • Put 100% effort into any final projects or presentations you have been asked to complete
  • Express your interest in returning should an opportunity arise
  • Stay in touch with anyone who has become a mentor
  • Ask questions and seek advice on what you could improve
  • Update your LinkedIn account (or create one if you haven’t already)

The last thing you want to do is leave on a bad note so by taking into account the above items, you will not burn bridges and leave your workplace better than you found it.  You will also put yourself in better a position to acquire other beneficial internships and experiences.

Another task you will want to do once your internship is over is to update your resume.  While the experience is fresh in your head, be sure to list all of the responsibilities you held.  Be very detailed so that future employers will get a good sense of what you did and how you can contribute to their company or organization.   After your winter break is over, make an appointment with your Career Services office so they can review your resume and ensure the content is easy-to-read and encompassing all of your experiences, strengths and relevant coursework.  These are all important sections to include and update at the end of each semester.  Students do not realize that projects and courses, especially when they get to the upper division electives, add an incredible amount of value to one’s qualifications.  Practice your elevator speech about your past internship so that you are ready to promote yourself at future career fairs.

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Mary Delaney

Mary Delaney works at the University of Oklahoma in the Career Services office as an Assistant Director for the College of Arts & Sciences and Internship/Co-op Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Texas at San Antonio and a Masters of Education from the University of Oklahoma.