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2017 Internships in San Jose, CA

If you’re really into the Internet (and who isn’t?), then you should search for one of the many internships in San Jose, “the capital of Silicon Valley." San Jose internships are abundant and widespread being that there are lots of big-name companies located here. eBay, one of the biggest success stories of the city, regularly seeks interns in areas like marketing and software engineering. In addition, Adobe Systems, a fellow Fortune 1000 company, offers paid summer internships in San Jose. On another note, San Jose intern hopefuls should also look into Cisco Systems being as Cisco is a top employer in San Jose (second only to the County of Santa Clara).

The city itself is more than just computers and startup companies; it’s also a lively place with plenty to do. The Winchester Mystery House, a quirky icon of the city, is located here and offers really fun tours for visitors. Other things to check out include the plethora of museums, like the San Jose Museum of Art, as well as Rosicrucian Park. Or as a student intern in San Jose, you may want to visit the HP Pavilion, home of the city’s pride and joy NHL team, the San Jose Sharks. One of the great things about this city is that it has a nice mixture of urban and suburban flavors, so if you ever get tired of one, you can experience the other.

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NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. We’re looking for some college students who are seeking a paid internship position for the Summer 2017....
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Simon-Kucher & Partners
Unique opportunity to learn and develop key consulting competences. For selected candidates there will be opportunities for permanent employment....
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