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Curious what it's like to work at Grantoo? Take a peek inside their office and learn about their culture.

On-Campus Brand Ambassador for a charitable game startup

  • Paid
  • Easy Apply
  • Fall
Internship On-Campus Brand Ambassador for a charitable game startup AT Grantoo IN San Francisco, CA and 3 other locations

Want to grow your career at game company with an actual heart and soul?
In this role, you'll be responsible for reaching out to students on your campus and telling them about Grantoo, the social gaming site that helps students pay for college by playing video games.

Like many campus brand ambassadors, you'll be handing out fliers and organizing activities around our company. Unlike any other brand ambassador, you'll be organizing video game tournaments and helping your classmates win scholarships!

In this role, you will:
- hand out fliers and posters in accordance with campus guidelines.
- create and maintain a Facebook page and twitter account for your campus.
- meet with influential people on your campus--newspaper editors, fraternity presidents, administrators--to tell them about Grantoo.
- organize game nights and sign-up drives to get your classmates to register for our free tournaments
- handle easy customer-service questions and complaints (anything hard you should send up to us!)
- play a lot of games on your computer and smartphone.

In this role, you might:
- wear a really adorable penguin suit (strictly optional, but it's a sweet costume and you'll get a LOT of hugs).
- run social media advertising campaigns on our behalf (great for people studying marketing/ advertising psychology).
- win scholarships! (our game tournaments are open to all students, including you!)
- go viral on Twitter.

In this role, you won't:
- sell anything to anybody, ever.
- no, seriously. We're a free service for students.
- wear skimpy outfits*, spy on people, or otherwise do things that suck.
* the penguin suit is an outfit, but it is not skimpy. It is amazing.

A semester with Grantoo will give you solid experience in brand marketing, video games, event planning, public relations, and non-profit sectors.

Sound good? Hope so! Here's what we expect from you:

- you are a sophomore, junior, or senior in good standing. This can't be your first year on campus.
- you have a reasonably modern laptop or smartphone. 2009 or newer should be fine.
- you know how Facebook and Twitter work.
- you have experience dealing with customers, clients, or the public. No wallflowers, please.
- you can commit to 3-5 hours per week, even weeks when you are tired/ in love/ hungover/ studying.

For compensation, we offer each intern a $200 tuition grant each month, which we send to your school's bursar or registrar under your student account. Interns who perform especially well will receive an additional $250 tuition grant at the end of Fall Semester. (If your school is on trimesters/quarters, we'll do some math.)