Calculator: Cost Per Intern Hire

Cost per hire is calculated by taking the total of all recruiting expenses and dividing that amount by the number of new hires. Cost per hire differs significantly according to position level, position-type and source. It is most common in the unviserity hiring world to calculate cost-per-hire by source, including key campuses you visit as well as social and other channels.

Internal Costs (Pre-Planning Campus Visit) Hours Total

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Total Internal Costs

External Costs (Pre-Planning Campus Visit) Cost Total
Contract recruiter, search firm fees, etc.

Total External Costs

Campus Visit Costs Cost Total
Booths and Interview Rooms

Career Fair Sponsorship

Schwag, fliers, and more

Travel, lodging, food, related expenses

Info-sessions, cocktail hours, etc.

Total Campus Visit Costs

Internal Costs Related to Campus Visit (Event Staffing) Hours Total
Employee #1

Employee #2

Employee #3

Employee #4

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Total Internal Costs

Other Costs Cost Total
Advertisements (newspapers, university sites, etc.)

Employee referral reward(s)

Screening (background checks, pre-employement testing)

Training new employee(s)

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Total Other Costs

Total Costs


Number of Hires

Total Cost per Hire

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