The Easiest Way to Track and Measure Campus Events

““With Looksharp Recruiter I can easily pull reports on all of my events.

I can finally say to my boss and my team that this school is definitely worth going to and this school is not.””
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Company Snapshot

CDM Smith is a consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm founded in 1947 and with offices around the globe. Today CDM Smith has over 5,000 employees and their college-recruiting program hires over 150 new grads and over 100 interns every year, almost entirely in engineering.

CDM Smith’s Challenge: Creating a Seamless Candidate Experience on Campus and Measuring the Impact of Their Campus Events

CDM Smith has 16 core schools where they hire the majority of their interns and new grads. They visit each school twice a year, attending a variety of events from career fairs to club info sessions; however up until recently CDM Smith had almost no way to track the ROI of these events. Furthermore, traditional campus recruiting methods were incredibly time intensive for recruiters and collecting paper resumes wasn’t cool or green.

CDM Smith's Solution: Looksharp

1 Finally, an easy way to track ROI for campus events.

CDM Smith’s Manager of Campus Recruitment, Jackie Hallion reiterates what we all know to be true:

“Every campus manager needs to be able to understand the ROI of their events. Before using Looksharp we would put students into a Google doc after each event and then upload them into our ATS. But because many students would also apply online, it was incredibly hard to tie our in person assessments to a students’ resume and their full application. In the end every time we tried to understand the ROI of an event it was a painful process and oftentimes we couldn’t even see the full picture.”

This completely changed when CDM Smith adopted Looksharp Recruiter.

“With Looksharp Recruiter I can easily pull reports on all of my events. For instance, I can see that I met 180 candidates at a given school, that x many got rated A or B and that x many applied to a specific role. I can compare and contrast this against other events and if we have a subpar event at a school, I can decide to try another event.”

Jackie concludes,

“I can finally say to my boss or my team that this school is definitely worth going to and this one is not and we can collectively build a strategy for the future.”

2 Saving recruiters countless hours

Jackie says,

“One of the coolest features is that Looksharp Recruiter automatically sends follow-ups to students encouraging them to answer additional questions and apply online so my recruiters don’t have to. This saves us countless hours.

Jackie goes on to say,

“In addition, everyone can on my team can pull reports and email with candidates in bulk after an event. Everyone can do their own job that much easier."

In conclusion Jackie exclaims,

“Looksharp Recruiter has given so much time back to my team, it’s unbelievable. It feels like we’ve gained an infinite number of hours.”

3 User Experience

Jackie notes,

“The app is incredibly easy to use. My team is young and tech savvy so they love it, but even when I have hiring managers from another office going to an event, I can train them in 15 minutes over the phone and they get it too.”

This means no matter who is going on campus all our campus candidates are added into one system and recorded the same way. Jackie adds,

“Students love it too. The app shows we are tech savvy and green which fits with our brand perfectly.”

From ROI tracking to saving time, Looksharp Recruiter has been a game changer for CDM Smith.

“Our Company Page on Looksharp gives people a better perspective of what a summer at CBSi is actually like. They can communicate with us via the question and answer, connect with us via our blog and social media feeds, see all of our positions, and easily apply in a way that syncs directly to our ATS.”
“We got 14 hires from Looksharp in our first six-months, which was incredible and more than our team even thought possible.”