Lyft Builds National Marketing Program with Looksharp

“Looksharp unequivocally got us our top performers – the people producing 80%
of the results were consistently Looksharp hires.”

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Company Snapshot

Lyft launched in 2012 as a peer-to-peer ridesharing app dedicated to changing transportation for the better. Within two years they were backed by $300 million and operating in 65 cities across the US. Last year alone they hired over 500 marketing interns.

Lyft’s Challenge: Creating a national marketing program in a short time

By the start of 2014 Lyft had a problem: They needed to expand their marketingteam fast and only wanted to hire top talent. But they lacked brand presence andcredibility at many of the universities where they were trying to hire.

Lyft's Solution: Looksharp

1 Branding

Lyft worked with our marketing team to send out targeted campaigns to students at schools across the country.

“Looksharp was the spark in the fire. From a holistic perspective, if you are trying to build a national program like we were, Looksharp was perfect. It allowed us to engage students at universities across the country out the gate.”

Email campaigns and blog posts combined to build interest in Lyft’s program on campuses where there had been no interest before. The emails linked back to Lyft’s company page, where students could find out more about the program through pictures, videos, and social media feeds. It added the credibility they needed, and allowed them to compete with larger companies by giving students a sense of company culture before setting foot in the door.

Lyft's Applicants in First 6 Months

2 Speed

With the company page and email campaigns up and running, applicants started pouring in. Not only that, but they were more informed about Lyft and more committed to the program.

Lyft's First 10 Days Graph
“The students we talked to from Looksharp were better prepared and ready to get started right away. They had learned about us ahead of time and were more committed to our program than other applicants.”

In just 6 months, Lyft had received over 3,500 candidates. But getting more candidates in a shorter timespan wasn’t their only goal. They wanted the best candidates. And they needed to get to them before larger companies.

3 Quality

Lyft’s favorite part about using Looksharp was the quality of the candidates that they hired.

“With our hires there is an 80/20 rule where 20% of the create 80% of the value in our program. Looksharp got us the those top performers."

A year into their marketing internship program, Lyft has hired over 500 students and new grads. “We’ve talked to a lot of our top people and asked them how they found out about the program and a majority of them came from Looksharp.”

“Our Company Page on Looksharp gives people a better perspective of what a summer at CBSi is actually like. They can communicate with us via the question and answer, connect with us via our blog and social media feeds, see all of our positions, and easily apply in a way that syncs directly to our ATS.”
“We got 14 hires from Looksharp in our first six-months, which was incredible and more than our team even thought possible.”