Making Top Hires, Without Stepping a Foot on Campus

“As a company, we need to be where the students are. Whether that is a Google Search, an online hangout or on Twitter, we need to be there and relate to them in a way that is meaningful. Looksharp allows us to do that.”

Nestle Purina Logo
Company Snapshot

Nestlé Purina is a leader in the pet products industry, and a part of Nestlè Inc., a member of the Global Fortune 100.

Despite having a world-class internship and entry-level jobs program, it’s a challenge each year for Nestlé Purina to find top candidates to come work at their St. Louis headquarters. They were on the hunt for a partner to deliver consistent high quality results when they found Looksharp.

Nestlé Purina’s Challenge: Reach Top Talent Across the US, Without Stepping Foot on Campus

Nestlé Purina’s recruiting program is 100% online, which makes promoting their brand to new students difficult. Plus, they’re based in St. Louis, a city not everyone thinks to look when searching for a job or internship.

“We can use all the help we can get in terms of promoting St Louis. It’s difficult getting it on the radar for students from the coasts. Having a company like Looksharp to be a strong advocate for us and be able to draw more awareness to our brand is huge.” Jadea Abolahrari, Nestlé Purina Talent Sourcing and Employment Brand Manager

Nestlé Purina needed a new and creative hiring strategy to engage with Millennial talent across the country.

Nestlé Purina’s Solution: Looksharp

1 Understanding Millennials

We helped Nestlé Purina improve their college-hiring program from the ground up, starting with their job description. We wanted to communicate their down-to-earth company culture and make a first impression that stuck:

“The Looksharp team knows Millennials and the market. They are people we can to turn to and consult on any of our new and innovative student campaigns.”

We worked with the Nestlé team to build up their recruiting brand with an authentic voice that engaged Millennials and gave them insight into what Nestlé Purina is all about.

2 Engage Students Online

Next, we helped Nestlè Purina connect with Millennials through creative email and social media campaigns. Nestlé has one of the most in-depth university recruiting Facebook pages out there. They give out useful job seeking advice to students almost daily through social media. This regular presence is critical for Nestlè’s recruiting since they don’t go to campus.

Looksharp helped them triple their FB audience by promoting their online sweepstakes to our audience of millions of students. Students loved the content and became long time fans of Nestlé’s growing talent community, leading to both short term and long term results.

“Looksharp has been an incredible amplification tool for us. We don’t go to campuses, so we rely on leaders like Looksharp to help us engage with students online through innovative recruiting tactics.”

The marketing efforts were a big success—Nestlè Purina was able to engage more students in the online channels they had committed to, increasing the impact of the work they were already doing.

3 Consistent and High Quality Results

With a Millennial recruiting strategy in place and custom marketing campaigns at their fingertips, Nestlé Purina was able to make consistent and outstanding hires from Looksharp applicants.

“Being able to hire 13 out of our 55 hires from Looksharp tells us a lot. We have a robust interview process and it is definitely not a walk in the park so if candidates are making it through to that hire stage we know we’ve found a source that works.”

In 2013 and 2014 Nestlé Purina made close to 25% of their hires through Looksharp.

4 Results

Relying solely on online recruiting is often viewed as risky. But having Looksharp as a partner mitigated a lot of this risk for Nestlé. They were able to easily engage students on social media to make the time and money they spent well worth it. Ultimately, they hired dozens of top candidates, and Looksharp became a key pillar in Nestlé’s online hiring process.

Nestlé now is able to attract top talent to St. Louis without the cost of flying around the country - an amazing success.

“The students we talked to from Looksharp were better prepared and ready to get started right away. They had learned about us ahead of time and were more committed to our program than other applicants. When we talked to our top performers, almost all came from Looksharp.”
“We got 14 hires from Looksharp in our first six-months, which was incredible and more than our team even thought possible.”