SC Global Uses Looksharp to Grow Their Team and Business

"Our intern and entry-level hiring needs are driven by our clients, so when we hire students and grads we need them quickly. Looksharp always delivers."

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Company Snapshot

SC Global is the fourth and largest real-estate business that Sasha Cahill has founded. They provide clients with everything from concierge software solutions to management consulting.

They turned to Looksharp to help them hire capable graduate and undergraduate students who they could work with and evaluate for a few months. If everything went well, the employee could then come on full-time, allowing them to scale to more cities and clients.

SC Global’s Challenge: Finding an On-Demand Internship Services That Worked Every Time

SC Global was constantly looking for new hires that could help the company meet the demands of new clients.

“Oftentimes, interns or entry-level hires are needed in a pinch, to help with specific campaigns and requiring skill-sets that range from web development to design or marketing.” Sasha Cahill, SC Global's CEO

Previously, their team couldn’t find such hires fast enough. At times they had to turn down new clients because they lacked the resources to take on additional projects. With Looksharp, they finally had the ability to say yes to more projects and growth.

SC Global’s Solution: Looksharp

1 A Unified Millennial Recruiting Brand

“Interns and entry-level hires at SC Global get to do real work and interact directly with our clients. In the past, I have posted roles on over eight different sites, but none provided the consistency and quality of results that Looksharp does. Now I save time by just using Looksharp.”

Looksharp’s thousands of university connections and large applicant pool means that SC Global is always able to find the interns they want. Furthermore, the application volume is high enough and turn around is quick enough that Sasha can take on new projects and not worry about being able to staff them in time.

“Looksharp appeals to the young and capable students we like to hire. For example, we just hired an incredible student who is in process of finishing her masters and already has significant corporate experience. When I asked her why she applied using Looksharp, she said she liked the clean UI and intuitive search tools the site offers. In this way, Looksharp aligns with the candidates I want to hire.”

Bottom line, for small and growing businesses like Sasha’s, interns and entry-level hires allow her to get more done. Likewise, Looksharp allows her to rest assured she is hiring the best and brightest candidates to represent her company and execute on key campaigns.

That’s why we’re here: to get you the highest quality candidates faster.

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“The students we talked to from Looksharp were better prepared and ready to get started right away. They had learned about us ahead of time and were more committed to our program than other applicants. When we talked to our top performers, almost all came from Looksharp.”
“We got 14 hires from Looksharp in our first six-months, which was incredible and more than our team even thought possible.”