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Technology Industry Guide


Intern Class Size 750
Average Intern Salary $6,056
Average Starting Salary $100,105
Intern Hiring Seasons summer, fall, spring
Specialties PHP, Agile Development, Scaling, Mobile, Hacking
Top Schools They Hire From Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, University of Waterloo

Facebook topped Glassdoor’s best tech companies to work for in 2013 and for good reason. Facebook’s strong internship program begins with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He is known for being accessible (showing up to a range of events from field days to the recent Facebook carnival), coder friendly and for being a smart and decisive leader. Facebook also differentiates itself with its engineering first culture. Engineers, including tech interns, are given a ton of independence to experiment with new ideas and take leadership roles on everything from growth marketing campaigns to product development. While other companies, might have a lot of bureaucratic hoops to jump through before allowing an intern to push code, Facebook stands behind it’s motto of “move fast and break things.” What this translates to is an unequal opportunity for Facebook interns to get real world experience that helps them develop personally and professionally.

Facebook is also famous for the extremely high bar for talent that is held throughout the company. Expect to work hard and be challenged be your peers, bosses and mentors. By getting into Facebook, expectations will be incredibly high, but because of this, so will your responsibilities. Similar to other leading tech companies, Facebook offers a variety of perks for interns ranging from incredible food (with chefs on site), a cool campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, unique intern events, and extremely high compensation. Oh BTW, did we mention Jay-Z visited the campus this past summer?

Facebook also offers a $100,000 signing bonus for engineering interns who convert to full-time employees. Not too shabby.


Intern Class Size 1,000+
Average Intern Salary $5,678
Average Starting Salary $113,100
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Machine Learning, Scaling, Data-Driven Decisions
Top Schools They Hire From CalTech, CMU, Stanford, Berkeley, UIUC

If you are interested in technology you probably already know a lot about Google’s world-class internship program. The perks are plentiful, from hard to beat salaries, to incredible food, to a sprawling campus with fun events ranging from nerf fights to trips to the local trampoline park. More importantly, the culture at Google is incredibly unique. Imagine hanging out at Bill Nye's house all summer and you kind of get a sense of what working at the Plex is like. Employees at Google are smart, passionate about their work and love to geek out on solving all kinds of different technical challenges. The culture is a bit more casual and academic than at Facebook, and somewhat less competitive. Google is also a very data driven company, meaning that even if you are an intern, if you can quantify the value of a new product or change, your code can and will be implemented.

Google is famed for pioneering the idea of 20% time, where employees spend 20% of their time working on interesting side projects of their choice. This has lead to new innovations like self-driving cars and the first ever mapping of the world's oceans. This same mentality trickles down to the internship program, where students are given a great deal of freedom to identify new projects that fit their interests and pursue them at their own pace. Students often remark that one of the best parts of Google’s internship program is how accessible the entire Google staff is to interns from executives on down. All said and done, the opportunities at Google are limitless and your co-workers will be brilliant, making this a nearly unbeatable place to work and grow during an internship.


Intern Class Size 1,200+
Average Intern Salary $5,936
Average Starting Salary $90,594
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Search, .Net, Gaming, C Sharp
Top Schools They Hire From University of Washington, UIUC, CMU, Basically Everywhere

Microsoft has long had one of the most elite and in-depth internship programs in the engineering world. The program famously ends with all the interns getting to do a Q&A with CEO, Steve Ballmer, exemplifying just how far Microsoft goes to deliver exceptional growth experiences to their interns.

Hanging out with Ballmer aside, Microsoft aims to deliver a tremendous experience to engineering students. The internship program includes highly competitive wages, relocation support, and access to fun intern events ranging from Mariners games to concerts with top notch bands that have included Vampire Weekend and Ben Fold in the past. Beyond the perks, Microsoft dedicates internal resources to make internships as close to real jobs as possible. Interns get mentors, are given performance reviews and work on projects that ship or will be shipped—sometimes to millions of users. That kind of real world experience can be invaluable to anyone interested in the field. Needless to say, Microsoft offers a world class internship, access to incredibly talented professionals in the field, and a graet place to start your career. In addition, Microsoft is Seattle based, a city known for being beautiful in the summer, and a change of pace from northern California, where many of the other companies on this list are based.


Intern Class Size 800+
Average Intern Salary $4,560
Average Starting Salary $83,085
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Hardware, AR, Mobil, Data
Top Schools They Hire From MIT, CMU, UCSD, UCSB

Qualcomm's brand may not be as immediately recognizable as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, but their engineering internship program has been one of the best in the world for years and easily competes with the above companies as the best place to start your career. Qualcomm hires over 800 interns worldwide during the school year and summer and over 60% of interns are converted into full-time jobs, meaning their goal is to help groom you from intern to full-time employee. With this in mind, the internship program mingles work and play, with fun trips like going surfing on the California coast packed alongside mentoring sessions, coding challenges, and projects replete with real world experience.

Most of the interns at Qualcomm are extremely happy, highlighting that the company allows students to take advantage of new technologies and push themselves while offering plenty of work-life balance. The only complaint is that this same attitude can create a dichotomy, where it feels like some interns and employees take advantage of the employee friendly culture.


Intern Class Size 250+
Average Intern Salary $5,539
Average Starting Salary $94,176
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Mobile, E-Commerce, Scaling, Perl, C++, Java
Top Schools They Hire From University of Washington, Stanford, MIT, Top Schools

Amazon is a rising star in the engineering world. What makes them unique? Their leadership. Employees have a huge amount of confidence in Jeff Bezos and his vision. Furthermore, Bezos' hard-working, and think big mentality trickles down the entire organization and into the intern program, where students are pushed hard and expected to succeed on challenging projects. Bosses give students honest feedback, leading to a scenario where it feels like you are more of an employee than an intern. That is until Amazon loads you up with free giveaways, fun intern events, and loads of other student-specific perks. Dress is casual and dogs wander the office further defining a culture of meritocracy not bureaucracy. Engineering interns are paid well (upwards of $35/hour) and work on projects ranging from community growing APIs to real-time retail forecasting tools. This is a great company to learn and grow with and the entire organization is excited about the future.


Average Intern Salary $4,836
Average Starting Salary $85,293
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Graphics, Hardware,
Top Schools They Hire From Berkeley, UT Austin, MIT, UCSD

In 2011, Paul Otellini, Intel’s former CEO, made a commitment to helping grow the number of engineering graduates from US colleges. What evolved from this commitment was an extension of Intel’s already world class intern program. Intel added Freshman and Sophomore internship opportunities that are designed specifically to give underclassmen mentorship and a broad introduction to the field of engineering. Intel also launched their “Ultimate Engineering Experience,” that offers students the opportunity to grow through a combination of technical skill development activities, team based project work, competitions, professional skill development, networking and social activities. Intel also launched Intel Collaborators another program that encourages inter-disciplinary teams of undergraduate and graduate students to solve real-world technical problems.

All of these programs are built on top of Intel’s core internship program, which offers the same type of competitive wages, fantastic mentorship, and opportunities to work on cutting edge technology that is true of other top tier programs. Intel's intern program is extremely polished and will have you collaborating on challenging projects from Day 1.


Intern Class Size 500+
Average Intern Salary $4,395
Average Starting Salary $105,211
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties Scripting, C++, Java, Linux/Unix, Analog/RF design
Top Schools They Hire From CMU, UCLA, Cal Poly, UIUC, Basically Everywhere

If you haven’t heard of Cisco’s internship program, perhaps you’ve heard of Greg Justice, Cisco’s rapping intern whose Youtube video went viral a couple years ago. While the video isn’t going to be making it onto MTV anytime soon (it is surprisingly good) the fact that Justice was not only allowed to produce the video, but also supported by the company in all the promotions, helps showcase how interns at Cisco are not seen as a liability but part of the Cisco family, offering unique viewpoints and the ability to help move the bottom line.

Cisco’s program is defined by what they call intensive learning. Their internships start with a 10-day training boot camp, allowing interns to very quickly learn the ins and outs of the code-base and projects they will be working on so they ramp into real world projects shortly thereafter. Interns say the environment is relaxed with plenty of challenging projects, but sometimes complain that the opportunities for career growth are more limited than at other more quickly growing or less corporate feeling companies. Regardless, this is a top program that treats their interns well.


Intern Class Size 120
Average Intern Salary $5,443
Average Starting Salary $90,676
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties Data, Storage, ONTAP, Agile Development
Top Schools They Hire From Santa Clara, Duke, UCLA, Berkeley, MIT

NetApp is the world’s largest data storage company and they look to create a one of a kind internship for engineers. One of the coolest aspects of NetApp’s internship program is the opportunity for students to present their summer projects to the company’s CTO and executive staff at an intern fair at the end of the summer. Not only does this give students the opportunity to engage the company’s leadership, but also to do so around the context of the real-world projects they worked hard to build during their time with the company. Students at NetApp all say that the company truly cares, they are there to help you succeed, both in the job and in the field as an engineer. NetApp has plenty of challenging projects for interns, and is 100% willing to help interns navigate these—that said the environment is notes as being a bit more relaxed than some of the other top firms, which can be a pro or con depending on your personality as a student.


Intern Class Size 350+
Average Intern Salary $4,914
Average Starting Salary $106,913
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties Mobile, C, Objective-C, Hardware
Top Schools They Hire From Stanford, CalTech, MIT, Harvard, Elite Schools

Steve Jobs is widely recognized for being one of the most brilliant and visionary tech leaders of all-time. For decades Apples has made the unimaginable possible by bringing products like iTunes, smart phones and tablets to widespread consumer adoption. Apple’s dedication to innovation means it has a unique culture that some interns love and others dislike. Apple is notoriously secretive, hard-working and at times cultishly obsessive about their products. This means if you like a challenging work environment, that can be both intimidating and rewarding, and if you love Apple products than this might be the perfect internship for you. If not you might want to consider elsewhere.

Apple internships come with many of the pre-requisite components for a leading tech company: high pay, a beautiful campus in Cupertino with great food and fun intern events, as well extensive training for new interns to get ramped up on new engineering skills. Again the core difference here is culture—Apple is not casual and not fun loving. People are here to work, but the reason they are so serious is because they care tremendously about the products they are building. For those who like challenging, but rewarding work environment, there are few better places to intern than Apple.


Average Intern Salary $3,942
Average Starting Salary $77,370
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Hardware, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Java
Top Schools They Hire From UT Austin, NC State, Georgia Tech, Berkeley, Everywhere

The saying, “Nobody ever gets fired for buying IBM,” might be a generation out of date, but IBM”s intern program and innovative technology remain a powerhouse in the tech world. IBM was founded in 1911, but in 2012 was ranked by Forbes as the #2 largest US firm by employees and #9 by profits. IBM’s vision is to “Build a Smarter Planet” and their premiere intern program, dubbed Extreme Blue, offers everything you’d expect: challenging projects, competitive pay, relocation assistance, access to IBM recognition and ideas programs, and plenty of social activities over the course of the internship program. As a larger corporate internship, IBM is recognized for having a diverse array of projects to get involved in, great mentors to learn from, and exceptional work-life balance, although some students complain that work can get repetitive, with a bit less of the fast-pace of some of the top firms on this list. Another great place to get experience, earn a fantastic salary, build your resume and learn a tremendous amount, just a bit less of an independent experience than some other smaller companies.

SAS Institute

Average Intern Salary $4,033
Average Starting Salary $82,370
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Data, SQL, SAS
Top Schools They Hire From NC State, Georgia Tech, CMU

SAS has been a leader in business analytics for over 30 years, making them an ideal employer as big data continues to change the way the world does business. Based in Cary, North Carolina, SAS offers a variety of internship experiences for both high school students and college students. For high school students, SAS offers competitive wages, access to their world-class fitness center, and in-depth projects that even at the high school level offer great exposure to technology professionals and opportunities to build engineering experience. SAS’ college programs are equally competitive, with great benefits, deep mentorship offerings, plenty of opportunities to grow into full-time roles, and more. They have a strong commitment to diversity, as their R3 program looks to recognize, recruit and retain women, African-American, Hispanic and other traditional underrepresented engineers. This has lead to more well-rounded intern classes and helps fuel a culture geared towards innovation at SAS.


Average Intern Salary $5,833
Average Starting Salary $96,063
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Apex, C++
Top Schools They Hire From Stanford, Berkeley, University of Washington CMU

Salesforce has quickly grown to be one of the biggest tech companies in the country, but they still act like an early stage startup. They just moved to a new office in downtown San Francisco, have a very casual and fun culture, and are currently being led by CEO Marc Benioff, widely recognized as one of the most talented and forward thinking CEO’s in tech. Interns note that there is ample opportunity to work on big and meaningful projects as the company is growing at a rapid pace. The challenging work load is well compensated for with a strong tech company culture, including game rooms, company trips and more. Some interns complain that by being an enterprise sales company, there can be more bureaucracy here than at some of the more consumer facing companies on this list, but that said Salesforce’s profits are growing at a rapid rate and it is always fun to work on a winning team.


Average Intern Salary $5,757
Average Starting Salary $90,581
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties Ruby on Rails, Cloud Software
Top Schools They Hire From BYU, UCLA, Berkeley, MIT

Interns at Adobe learn a lot and come out feeling much better prepared for their future. Interns state that this comes with a culture that finds the right balance between independence (expect to get substantial real-world projects to pursue) and a collaborative culture, that means when you hit roadblocks or need help you will have plenty of people to go and speak with to help guide you through next steps. In addition, Adobe is a huge company with a wealth of products so projects can range anywhere from helping to determine global pricing strategy to transitioning software to the cloud—there is truly something for everyone.

Riverbed Technology

Average Intern Salary $4,140
Average Starting Salary $104,686
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties Virtualization, Cloud Computing, IT Architecture, Embedded Systems
Top Schools They Hire From Duke, Santa Clara University, USC, University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin

Students love working at Riverbed Technology. In fact almost every single intern who speaks about their experience there can’t find any negatives. One of the reasons is that Riverbed as a business is doing incredibly well, so an air of working hard (but not too hard) and general excitement can be felt throughout the company. Also, Riverbed spends a lot of time choosing who they hire, which is why a lot of interns are amazed about the friendly, family like atmosphere. Managers, directors and everyone in between is extremely accessible. One intern spent their entire summer working two cubicles down from CEO Jerry Kennelly—this is the kind of non-hierarchal work environment the Riverbed likes to foster.

Beyond this expect the typical perks of an elite an internship program. These include great pay, interesting projects, fun events, a diverse intern class and more. The general consensus is, if you get accepted to Riverbed, expect a fantastic and highly educational summer ahead of you.


Average Intern Salary $4,427
Average Starting Salary $86,434
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Intuit is known for being a highly innovative company with a broad range of products and a global reach. What does this mean for interns? Whether you are interested in building mobile apps or scalable cloud computing solutions for ubiquitous computing you can do is at Intuit. Whether you are interested in working in .net or backend j2w servers you can do that aswell. Intuit helps stay innovative by implementing a variety of startup-like practices—from their white space unstructured time (similar to Google’s 20% time) to empowering interns to pursue their own independent projects, you really can accomplish a lot here.

In terms of perks, Intuit has a number of established programs that help it stand out. Their buddy system teams you up with a mentor who you can always contact for support, their volunteer program lets you take paid time off to do good, their iLab program allows interns to test products with actual Intuit customers, giving unique product feedback. In addition, expect great food, great salaries, fun events, and lots of training. Most importantly, there are free massages on-site for when you are having one of those days.


Average Intern Salary $4,012
Average Starting Salary $66,638
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties Cloud Computing, Servers, Infrastructure, Scaling

Rackspace prides itself in being a bit different. Their headquarters (based in San Antonio, TX) is dubbed the castle, and is a paradise for geeks. Replete with Star Wars memorabilia, indoor slides, game rooms and all the latest technical gadgets, RackSpace has a great developer culture. Rackspace prides itself on being a family, where everyone is accepted, because of this the company has a uniquely open culture, where interns (or “Rackterns” as they are called) are encouraged to blog about their experience, share their ideas openly and engage in all kinds of company events.

Rackspace is also a great place to learn new technical skills. Self-dubbed as the “open cloud company” Rackspace has been an innovator in IT hosting since 1998, and now has hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. You will get to work on a variety of real-world projects and leave this internship all but guaranteed to be a more well-rounded and skilled developer. If you want to work at a company, that loves what they do, is full of skilled developers and offers a spontaneous, fun, and often geeky culture, you can’t go wrong with Rackspace.


Average Intern Salary $5,808
Average Starting Salary $114,701
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Top Schools They Hire From Stanford, MIT, CMU, University of Washington

LinkedIn had one of the most successful IPOs in modern tech history and continues to grow in earnings, audience and new products. For these reasons alone LinkedIn would be an interesting place to work, but beyond this LinkedIn has a stalwart technical internship program. LinkedIn offers the resources of a big company and the culture of a startup meaning that students will get paid competitively, have access to great perks, but also will be actively writing code and making an impact on LinkedIn’s future.

The bar for talent is high at LinkedIn, so if accepted you will get to work with peers and bosses who have plenty to teach you. One differentiating feature about LinkedIn, is the huge amount of data you will have access to as an intern. LinkedIn at it’s heart is a data company, with the mission of using this data to help connect the world’s professionals, providing a myriad of interesting opportunities for students interested in this emerging field. LinkedIn’s Hackday is renowned for giving interns the opportunity to break out of their day-to-day activities and build innovative new products and have fun while doing it.


Average Intern Salary $5,191
Average Starting Salary $102,712
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties C++, Java
Top Schools They Hire From Stanford, Harvard, MIT, CalTech, Upenn

A lot has changed since Marissa Mayer has taken the reigns at Yahoo. The company has gone on an acquisition spree picking up Tumblr, SnipIt, Summly, Qwiki, and over 15 other companies for a total valuation of over $1 billion. While the results of all these new purchases is uncertain, the tone is clear, it is not business as usual at Yahoo. They are making massive changes to their internal culture, a big push towards mobile, and insiders are liking what they see, reflected by increasing optimism within the company and amongst shareholders. As an intern, this is a fantastic time to join the Yahoo team.

As the company looks to transform its brand, the intern program is a huge component. Mayer is emphasizing quality--raising the bar for what it takes to get an internship at Yahoo. If you are lucky enough to get accepted you will be spending your time with other campus leaders who will help ensure your summer is rewarding at every turn. You can also expect big technical projects, fantastic mentorship, the opportunity to volunteer and do good during your summer, and fun events ranging from attending a San Francisco Giants baseball game to nerf fights and sports leagues. Yahoo is currently is the 4th biggest website in the world, but it is also has a new sense of growth, which makes this an ideal time to join.


Average Intern Salary $4,004
Average Starting Salary $77,661
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Specialties Cloud Computing, IT Architecture
Top Schools They Hire From Berkeley, Purdue, UC Irvine, Howard, BYU, Stanford

Engineering students generally speak well of their time at EMC. There is plenty of challenging work, smart teams to be a part of and a good culture that embraces challenge, but isn’t overrun with pressure. Expect long hours on the buildup to product releases, but there is also a ton of free food and an entire indoor workout facility, pool included, to help you through those long days. Given EMC’s global reach, you can also expect varied and far reaching projects, that are overall a lot of fun to work on.

If students have any overt complaints about EMC it is that the company is large enough to be bureaucratic. Sometimes this means it is hard to get to know people on other teams as certain teams can be isolated. At other times this means it’s hard to know what your odds are of getting hired for a full-time role as you might only get direct access to mentors in one department, which may or may not be hiring. Overall, it’s a strong company that will look good on your resume and provide fantastic exposure to engineering at a global scale.


Intern Class Size 120
Average Intern Salary $6,938
Average Starting Salary $116,032
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Scaling, Ruby, Java, Infrastructure
Top Schools They Hire From Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, University of Waterloo

Twitter has over 500 million users, sees over 500 million tweets every day, and has become a powerful news source, from political upheavals to celebrity gossip. As an engineering intern at Twitter you will get the unique opportunity to work on a website that sees massive scale and engagement—learning new development skills and tactics that will standout on your resume and help you develop as a professional.

Twitter interns report that they get treated like a full-time employee. After tackling an initial boot-up project to get ramped on the code-base you will quickly begin working on and deploying code for full-time projects. You will get invited to the company all-hands meetings as well as sprint planning. Last, but not least, Twitter employees are treated well. Good pay, good benefits, cool events, and it’s always fun when people like Kanye West or the President of Russia stop by the office for lunch.


Intern Class Size 100
Average Intern Salary $7,500
Average Starting Salary $97,133
Specialties Data Integration, SQL, Modeling, Machine Learning
Top Schools They Hire From CalTech, CMU, Stanford, Harvard, Upenn

Palantir offers the best internship program you may not know about. Palantir is one of the biggest recent Silicon Valley success stories, growing their team by more than double, every year since 2006 and earning massive profits. The company was formed by a number of ex-PayPal executives and Stanford computer scientists and works on some of the biggest technological challenges looking at the intersection of data, technology and human expertise. Their solution is sold to the government (which is why you might not know as much about them), but they have maintained a true startup culture.

Palantir is known for having a bit of an elitist culture—more so then even the likes of Google and Facebook, they seek out brilliant minds and students who have the confidence to defend their opinions. Much of their sales process is done by sales engineers (CS employees not direct sales people) and so being competent at a variety of skills is important. It is known that Palantir employees often put in long hours at work, but this is done by choice—the work space is immaculate, the food is unbeatable, and the people you spend time with there will be as smart and capable as you.

Texas Instruments

Average Intern Salary $5,266
Average Starting Salary $88,725
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Texas Instruments has been a global technology leader for more than 80 years. This means their internship program comes with all the benefits and drawbacks of a massive tech company. Students who intern their say it is a fantastic way to gain experience and start their career—they get to work on interesting projects that often have global implications, get paid well (although not as highly as some of the top tech companies on this list) and there are plenty of opportunities to engage with mentors and other smart technologists within the company. On the negative former interns, note that most offices are very cubicle heavy, and that the managerial process is more bureaucratic and less open ended than at some other tech companies. One very cool program that TI offers is their global rotational program for engineering new grads—it offers the opportunity to work in a variety of offices around the world on a variety of projects. Interns are given a head start for getting into this program so if you want good pay, smart peers and a chance to travel the world, TI is a fantastic program to look into.


Average Intern Salary $5,939
Average Starting Salary $94,972
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer, Fall, Spring
Specialties Mobile, Java, C++, E-Commerce, Load and Performance

Ebay is an interesting company. While largely known as a commerce company, they built their success through technology chops and more recent acquisitions of companies like PayPal, means that as a technology intern you will have plenty of big challenging projects to work on. That said, the culture at Ebay is slightly less technology driven than you might find at other purely tech-focused companies.

Students report that the work-life balance at Ebay is great. They don’t tolerate slacking, but they do give you a ton of freedom to pursue projects that interest you. The other challenge Ebay faces is that it has been growing quickly and has found itself caught slightly between big corporate culture and startup culture. What this means is that people are moving fast and pushing out new code, but sometimes the larger organization feels somewhat disorganized with departments not communicating perfectly and sometimes working on overlapping projects. Some think that this is a small price to pay for maintaining a more fluid work environment, but others can find this lack of organization disconcerting. Regardless, Ebay is a great place to intern—they offer competitive wages, fun perks, a variety of projects and products to work on, and have maintained some of the brightest technical minds within the company, meaning you will have plenty to learn about both business and engineering.


Average Intern Salary $4,126
Average Starting Salary $106,809
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer

Guidewire is a company that lives up to their values. They are dedicated to innovation and helping their customers no matter what, and the employees are incredibly focused on accomplishing both of these goals. It’s a great summer intern to join, because it is well established and is just about guaranteed to be a good launching pad for your career. Even if this is your first ever tech internship you will be shown the ropes quickly, be given challenging projects, encouraged to ask questions and encouraged to have fun during your internship. If you complete your project fantastic, if you get close but aren’t able to wrap up this is still a great result. Your job here will be to learn the ins and outs of a CS career and if this si right for you.

While Guidewire is in the insurance industry they are dedicated to being a tech first company, meaning they have strong agile development processes and a cool open office environment. That said, you will still be working on insurance, which isn’t the most compelling end product for every engineering student. Ultimately, this is a fantastic internship program with a lot to offer students and giving ample time for work-life balance.

Hewlett Packard

Average Intern Salary $4,108
Average Starting Salary $90,828
Intern Hiring Seasons Summer
Specialties Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Analytics
Top Schools They Hire From The usual suspects

HP is generally seen as part of the old guard of the computing world. That said a sense of optimism has been growing recently around the company as it continues to re-invent itself in cloud computing, data and analytics, and through various new enterprise offerings that have seen its stock and revenues rise. As a computing juggernaut HP has been running it’s world class intern program for many years, ensuring that you will have an exceptional learning experience with the company, whether you want to carry on as a full-time employee or not. Students report that at HP you are given challenging projects, strong mentorship, and most importantly, flexible hours to solve your work in a manner that fits your life and work style. There are plenty of intern events, fantastic pay and opportunities to grow within the company during and after your internship. The one down side that students report? Bureaucracy. This is immediately noticeable on the HP internship site, which is difficult to navigate, but also can carry over into work assignments themselves. HP recognizes this challenge and is looking to address it—not to mention learning to deal with bureaucracy is an important skill in it of itself.