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Desktop/Computer Sup. Intern with Chief Industries is no longer available.

Why? Employers are constantly adding/removing roles on Looksharp and unfortunately this position was recently taken down. Don't worry though, we have hundreds of other similar internships/entry-level jobs. Check out the 5 similar positions below:

  • Content Manager

    iiWisdom | San Francisco, CA
    Deadline: ASAP Applicants: View Number of Applicants
    We are a growing company, with a dozen Fortune 100 companies already signed on as customers. We built interactive, engaging website for them that allow them to tell their investors how they manage their company. Come help us as we grow! ...
    • Corporate
    • Easy Apply
    • Summer
  • Android Developer to Revolutionize Clinical Research

    QuantiModo | Saint Louis, MO
    Entry-Level Job
    Deadline: ASAP Applicants: View Number of Applicants
    You are passionate about the Android ecosystem and your apps have demonstrated an excitement about Android’s role beyond the phone. You will improve and maintain QuantiModo’s SDK’s, libraries, and documenation to enable other developers to...
    • Easy Apply
    • Immediate

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