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The 500 Startups internship program is the best internship program in the world! We've invested in over 300 companies in 20 different countries over the past two years, we work with some of the smartest entrepreneurs and investors around the world, and we have an amazingly fun time doing it! 500 Startups is changing the way companies get funded, launched and grown, and we pride ourselves on challenging the status quo. By joining our internship program you'll have an opportunity to not only do some really cool cutting edge work, but you'll have an amazing opportunity to learn along the way. * We have bi-weekly mentor presentations from VCs, executives at Facebook and Google, and other successful serial entrepreneurs * You will work side by side with in-house mentors who work out of the 500 startups office * We have weekly workshops on subjects like analytics, Facebook integration, virality, lean design, and more (frequently led by the entrepreneurs who are defining these industries) * You will get access to the newest professional tools from Adobe, Facebook, Salesforce and other companies, which you can learn and use while completing your internship projects * All of our startups are moving very quickly, growing their teams, launching new products, and raising new funding – so you will be in a fast paced environment where your work is creating an immediate impact and you are developing a real portfolio. 500 Startups is not for the faint hearted--come prepared to fight fires, walk on water, and be part of an extremely dynamic, fast-paced work environment where everyone's contributions are respected and appreciated. And check out this cool infographic that will give you some idea of what we're all about:

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