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To get a sense of whether Chegg is a good fit for you, take a look at our values: Dream big! Like all start-ups, we recognize our job is to do the impossible. Creating something out of nothing begins with daring to dream big. Purpose- we're here to help students succeed. We're creating easy to use products and services that help students save time, save money, and get smarter. Commitment - debate, decide, do. We move quickly, and have lots of theories and hypotheses about how to build a big business that creates both shareholder and customer value. We engage in open debate and do our best to quickly make decisions about the future. Integrity - be transparent, candid and authentic. Clear, candid communication with our customers, shareholders and ourselves takes the politics out and helps us move faster. Teamwork - add to the energy; make others around you better. Like any aspiring world-class team, we put the team first, commit to playing our position, and each of us seeks to become expert in our particular discipline. We're also committed to helping everyone on the team learn and grow. Innovation - find better ways to do things. We're a consumer-focused technology company disrupting the broader education market. We depend on new technology and approaches to make this happen. And we're always experimenting to make our services better. Reward great results achieved with a great attitude. Risk-taking requires creating a positive, risk-free environment. We reward results, but especially value folks who can do this in a way that adds to the energy at Chegg.

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