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Entry-Level Jobs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

There’s only one internship program like this. That’s because there’s only one Enterprise. Every year we turn approximately 2,000 paid internships into real, substantial career-building tools. And no, you won’t spend your time fetching cups of coffee or making coffee. You’ll learn what it takes to run a successful business because that’s what you’ll help do. Along the way, you’ll also participate in contests and competitions with other interns, building relationships, honing your entrepreneurial skills and gaining experience. You’ll take on the same challenges as our first and second year full-time professionals. Even better, at the end of your internship, you’ll make a presentation to your management team covering the business topics you learned throughout the program. Want to GO? You put the GO in GO-getter. As part of our Management Internship Program, you must be ambitious, creative, personable, resourceful, fun loving and hard working. As you’d imagine, everyone else in the program is just as motivated as you. If you’re ready, the business training you’ll receive will put your skills, your attitude and your resume way out in front.

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