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Kiva is a non-profit other company with 1-50 employees.

Who We Are at Kiva

Kiva.org was founded upon the fundamental principle that connecting people through lending can help alleviate poverty. To ensure that it succeeds, the company, along with its user base, provides borrowers with the seed capital needed to generate income, and thereby live a life of sustainability and independence. So far, this approach has enabled Kiva to raise $437 million in loans for 1,051,000+ entrepreneurs in 68 countries, momentum which it looks to continue in the coming years as it positions itself to achieve $1 billion in loans across a variety of sectors by 2015.

*Kiva Internship Program*
The Kiva Internship Program and Kiva staff are dedicated to providing a rich educational experience for those able to dedicate 6 to 8 months to high impact projects in Kiva’s San Francisco HQ. Kiva provides its interns with a robust, career-focused Internship where interns work with staff to own and participate in key initiatives. Kiva hosts three intern classes per year beginning in January, May, and August, with 35 interns per class.

Interested? Check out *www.kiva.org/volunteer*.


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