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Thank you for your interest in interning with Kiva! We are humbled by the outstanding applicants interested in volunteering their time to support Kiva and it’s mission of alleviating poverty around the globe. *We are now accepting applications to our August 2013 class of interns! Please see for position descriptions and application instructions. We look forward to hearing from you!* *Why intern?* Experience • Ownership of team projects. • Access to Kiva and department meetings. • Mentorship from Kiva staff. Education • Six month microfinance curriculum. • Coffee Break with Matt Flannery, CEO and Premal Shah, President. • Brown Bag Lunches with staff. Career Development • Resume Reviews with Kiva staff. • Career Panel with Bay Area leaders. • Intern Professional Development Club. • Networking events with staff and alumni. *Our ideal candidates are:* • Flexible by nature. • Open to all types of projects. • Proven ownership of past projects. • Looking to make a significant contribution. • Available 3 days per week for 6-8 months. *Teams hiring May 2013 interns:* • Community Support – Manage communication with Kiva community. • Development – Grow Kiva’s loan pool through grants, foundations, individual donors, and corporate sponsorships. • Global Partnerships – Develop and manage relationships with microfinance partners around the globe. • Human Resources – Recruit for and build Internship Program. • Kiva Zip – Pilot innovations in person-to-person lending. • Legal Team – Research and advise Kiva on a wide range of legal issues. • Marketing – Social media, video editing, community engagement, and more! • Partnerships Operations – Support Kiva’s field staff and volunteers. • Strategic Initiatives – Identify and develop partnerships with non-traditional organizations. *Interested? Check out for position descriptions and application.* *See What our Alumni Say...* "Interning with Kiva was like finding a second family. Though hard working and driven the Kiva office is also one of the most welcoming environments I have been honored to be a part of. Even if I had not learned practical skills, and insights into my own reason for working the field, I still would have gained much from the friendships I gained." -Sam "Kiva has a great working atmosphere where people really enjoy what they do. I felt like I was able to easily integrate into the team and contribute value. Worthwhile experience, thanks!" -Lisa "Participating in Kiva's Internship Program was nothing short of enriching and exciting. Not only did I learn a great deal about micro finance and a non-profit business model, but I was also welcomed into an bright, inventive, and friendly community. Interning at Kiva opened a lot of doors for me intellectually and professionally, and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to have Kiva as my first internship experience!" -Anna "My internship introduced me to new people that have become good friends and reliable business contacts. Learning more about Kiva's model and seeing it work firsthand gave me new insight into the power of community (both internally and as a company mission)." -Kelsey "After gaining exposure to microfinance through Kiva I went on to perform evaluations of microfinance institutions for the UN in India. I also won a grant from a development competition to start an NGO linking microfinance and malaria-preventing bednets. We are developing a pilot program in Western Africa. Kiva was the BIG initial step to me building an expertise in microfinance and a founding element of my career." -Chloe "The most impressive part of Kiva, to me, is its people. As an office intern, my interactions with those who live and breathe Kiva’s mission daily have inspired me. People here are open, dedicated, thoughtful and experienced. Participating in Kiva’s formal internship program has also provided me with an incredible professional building block. I felt like each day I was being encouraged and empowered to align my skills, goals and passions for the benefit of the organization and to take my next step." -Emily Rose "Kiva's Internship program fosters a great environment for collaboration and companionship between fellow interns and staff alike. The friendships and connections you can take away from the program are invaluable." -Dan "My internship experience at Kiva has been, by far, one of the best things I have ever gone through. I really appreciate the time you to take to build deep relationships with each of the interns and create events to support us in our career paths! It's a definite advantage to have that I've found to be invaluable already." -Erin

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