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2017 Animal Care Entry-Level Jobs in Spring Hill, FL

Find a 2017 animal care Entry-Level Job in Spring Hill, FL. For animal lovers, entry-level jobs in animal care offer a wonderful opportunity for breaking into this exciting and quickly growing field. Animal care entry-level jobs are expected to grow rapidly in availability in the next few years—somewhere around 23% growth is expected. One of the main reasons for this, aside from new and developing opportunities, is that jobs in animal care have a high rate of employee turnover. This is largely due to the fact that new employees are often unprepared for the realities of working with animals and have an idealized view of what working in the field will be like.

If you have prepared properly for animal care jobs, however, you should be able to earn a nice salary in the process. For example, you may be interested As of 2010, general animal care workers were earning an average of around $19,950 per year, while animal trainers and some lower level zoo workers were making approximately $26,580 per year.

For those who decide to work independently and/or open their own businesses, flexibility is a definite perk. If you open a pet-sitting business, for example, you can control how much you work, whom you work with, what you charge, and when you work. Also, depending on how much you wish to further your skills, you could potentially enter into a very high paying job such as a veterinarian or a zoologist. You have to start somewhere, however, and a basic, entry-level position, such as being a kennel or shelter worker, is an excellent entrance into the field.

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Enterprise Rd. Animal Hospital
Entry-Level Job
We are committed to providing the most advanced veterinary diagnostic care, wellness vaccinations, surgery, dentistry, in an environment of care and compassion...
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Unleashed Pet Sitters
Entry-Level Job
$9 for 30 minute cat care visit. Unleashed Pet Sitters is a professional pet care service provider, dedicated to keeping our client’s furry friends happy,...
Entry-Level Job
Many of the jobs skills you learn will also help you to perform civilian jobs that involve working with animals, and general management positions....
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Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Entry-Level Job
This will require maintenance of the mouse colonies (breeding, checking for animal well-being, tail clipping), administration of treatment to animals, and...
Entry-Level Job
The animal care specialist is primarily responsible for the prevention and control of diseases transmitted from animal to man, as well as the comprehensive care...
Entry-Level Job
Conducts diagnostic, surgical, and necropsy assessments of DOD working animals. Veterinary pathology officers conduct diagnostic, surgical and necropsy...
Entry-Level Job
Registered Nurse in the Intermediate Medical Care Unit, care for patients who need a moderate level of attention....
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