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2017 Animation Internships in San Diego, CA

Find a 2017 animation Internship in San Diego, CA. Animation infuses robots, monsters, animals, and toys with narrative power and human emotion, and animation interns help this alchemical process of turning objects into compelling characters. Not only do animation internships provide valuable studio experience, but they also introduce students to professionals and start the networking process within a tight-knit industry.

Develop your drawing, storyboarding, and overall project management skills with an internship in animation. You may have a hand in creating a character, give feedback on an early draft of a script, or control the lighting in a crucial scene. Interns in animation work alongside established story artists, visual development planners, and directors. The experience can connect you to careers in major studios like Dreamworks, Pixar, or Disney.

Animation internships fall into films, games, and television shows. Students interested in funneling their art background into a production environment should have a grasp on acting and conveying emotion, texture and weight, and traditional animation principles. Since internships in animation are so hands-on, students are also in the position to make leaps in their techniques and skillset. Whether it be through training assignments, collaborative classes, or full-blown projects, animation interns have the chance to develop an impressive portfolio for future roles.

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