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2015 Anthropology Internships in Washington, DC

Find a 2015 anthropology Internship in Washington, DC. For students entering a field that revolves around what makes humans human, anthropology internships are key insights into the histories, cultures, languages, evolutionary factors, and biological variations that make up the texture of mankind. Sound intimidating? On the contrary—interns in anthropology work alongside professionals who double as mentors in the field. This means partnering with graduate students, professors, researchers, museum curators, archaeologists, and other professionals with specific projects ranging everything from linguistic studies in West Oakland to artifact conservation by the Mediterranean. Talk about a hands-on learning experience!

Generally, anthropology interns find placements in organizations that specialize in a particular study or practice, be it underwater archaeology, indigenous culture and ethnography, or art curation. Depending on the host program, a student may interview potential subjects, organize field notes, produce web resources that educate the community, locate related research papers, or support operations.

Internships in anthropology, then, feed into diverse careers that all hinge on understanding the human condition. After completing the anthropology internship, students may work in public policy, psychology, biology, human rights advocacy, health care, social work, education, etc. Others may choose to use the experience as confirmation of what they’d like to pursue during their graduate studies and apply for a PhD.

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