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2017 Architecture Internships in San Luis Obispo, CA

Find a 2017 architecture Internship in San Luis Obispo, CA. If you’re creative and you’ve got an eye for detail, chances are you would enjoy learning about architecture. So why not try out architecture internships? These programs allow you to participate in activities like structural brainstorming sessions and project work, giving you the opportunity to shine and make a real contribution to the design of a new building, maybe the next downtown skyscraper. The big firms like HOK typically pay their architecture interns, and offer both full-time summer gigs and part-time architecture internships during the school year. But overall, architecture is an evolving field, one that must address new technology for building as well as issues like sustainability, and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like feeling stuck in one place, you’ll definitely thrive with an internship in architecture. Architects are going to continue to be in high demand in the coming years, so on top of an increase in employment in the industry, you can expect an average salary of over $70,000. With the added bonus of being able to see tangible results of your hard work, it’s an incredible career, and interning in architecture is a must on your path to reaching success.

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