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2017 Art Internships in Irvine, CA

Find a 2017 art Internship in Irvine, CA. Making a career in art isn’t easy. But there are plenty of ways to expand your know-how and develop helpful new contacts by doing an art internship. Art internships come in a variety of different forms: both as an artistic designer in a more business setting, as well as working in galleries, museums and studios.

Art museum internships are interesting because it means getting daily inspiration and behind the scene access to masterpieces by artists like Van Gogh and Picasso. Museums are filled with art enthusiasts, many of which are former artists themselves and can offer great advice on how to break into the field. Most museums including MOMA and the National Gallery of Art all have their own art internship programs.

Working in a studio is another interesting way to get experience in the field. At a studio you will get more hands-on experience but due to the limited nature of these positions they can be harder to land and frequently require an in, either through networking outside of school or via a professor or other professional contact at your school.

Lastly, many businesses seek the help of art students. Whether designing brochures or making creative website backgrounds, there is no shame in pursuing art internships in the for-profit world. This is a good way to hone your skills and develop a different perspective on what is viewed as an ideal end product.

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Santa Catalina Island Company
Assist with art design and copy layout for print collateral, digital communications, magazines/newspapers, signage, etc....
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Homearly Real Estate Group
This intern will gain exposure to the world of Real Estate through the art of designing digital content....
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Kush Bottles
*Company Overview: * Kush Bottles (OTCQB: KSHB) is helping cannabis business owners build their brands and meet regulatory requirements through its sale of...
Maintain designer's inventory and digital art archive on a regular basis. Do you love graphic design, toys, and are you looking to build a career in the toy...
Mainstream exposure to EDM has created a turning point in our lifestyle niche and the underground art forms revolving around the culture are in higher demand...
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