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2016 Business Entry-level Jobs in Orlando, FL

Find a 2016 business Entry-level Job in Orlando, FL. Are you interested in entry-level jobs in business? If so, the first step is definitely to narrow your focus and to decide which types of jobs interest you the most. As you probably know, the business world encompasses a wide range of positions and, thus, a wide range of different responsibilities, necessary strengths and capabilities, and of course, pay ranges.

Many individuals with jobs in business go the route of becoming accountants and auditors. Unlike public accountants or auditors, these professionals tend to work solely with a specific business organization, helping to control and manage the finances of that business. Individuals working within this business field enjoy an average salary of around $61,690 per year as of 2010.

Real estate appraisers and assessors also make up a large chunk of business entry-level job positions. Most businesses require a physical location in which to sell and/or make their goods or to run their operations. It might be your job to help businesses find these physical locations, get them at a fair price, and, in some cases, sell them for a decent profit. Individuals in this line of work bring home around $48,500 per year with much room for promotion. Other common business jobs include budget analysts, claims adjusters, cost estimators, financial analysts, salespeople and many others. Salary varies from one position to the next, but the best thing about the business world is that there are always jobs available and there’s almost always room to grow.

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