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2016 Civil Engineering Internships

Anyone who has ever driven through the fog on the Golden Gate Bridge, flown home for the holidays, or hiked a trail in Zion National Park has felt the effects that exceptional civil engineering has on public life. Internships in civil engineering shape the physical and natural environment to dictate how our societies look and operate. Buildings, bridges, roads, subways, water systems, sanitation systems—these are just a few of the public projects that civil engineering interns have the chance to work on.

Entering a civil engineering internship is to enter the oldest engineering discipline of all. You may support works in both the private and public sectors with clients ranging from municipal governments to private homeowners to international companies. Interns in civil engineering split their time between the office and the job site, as responsibilities include researching and planning as well as overseeing construction. This entails gathering data, reviewing zoning ordinances, determining development limitations and guidelines, investigating the job site, preparing concept drawings, presenting drafts to clients, designing utility systems, and more.

Civil engineering interns work in a multidisciplinary field. Because engineers have an intimate knowledge of how manmade structures, the environment, and physical sciences interact, they have expert insight into several specializations.

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