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2017 Culinary Internships in Los Angeles, CA

Find a 2017 culinary Internship in Los Angeles, CA. Chefs, bakers, food scientists, and all food lovers: get your career started with a culinary internship. The opportunities in the food industry run the gamut from managing restaurant operations to developing variations on a gold standard recipe. The variety of internships in the culinary arts allows you to pick your food passion and really get “cooking” in the field you want to enter, be it a restaurant management group, a packaged food company, or a top-rated restaurant specializing in fusion cuisine.

Foodie interns in the culinary arts rapidly advance their technical and artistic skills under the supervision of industry veterans. You’ll build a thriving network in the local restaurant scene and gain leads for full-time jobs, heightening the chance that you’ll find a position in an establishment you love. Work in spectrum of restaurant types and cuisines and hone in on your passion: local, organic initiatives; classic American diner fare; gourmet pastry production.

For those more interested in restaurant operations and management, roles in marketing, research, and data analysis abound in a competitive industry with seasonally changing trends. Culinary interns may work with software to standardize orders, compare menu prices, or negotiate with new vendors. Practice makes perfect in the culinary world—check out these listings to start your professional journey.

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The program provides a structured, rotational, hands-on experience in all aspects of Culinary Operations and Restaurant Management....
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LA Sushi Catering
Description: Currently seeking aspiring sushi chefs for paid internship. Learn the catering side of sushi making as you are taught by Jimmy Wu, founder
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Krupa Consulting
Krupa Consulting is a boutique PR firm that specializes in culinary artists, speciality food brands, and restaurants, as well as health & fitness and lifestyle...
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