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2016 Education Internships in New York, NY

Find a 2016 education Internship in New York, NY. Internships in education support programs that change the way people interact with the world. Whether it be a first grader’s owl pellet dissection or a graduate student’s foreign language immersion, each individual learning experience translates into a community’s progress. That’s why education internships have the potential to be both incredibly rewarding and challenging—how do you get new concepts to “click”? What are the processes that facilitate them?

As an education intern, your job is to research just that. You have the chance to influence every level of education. At the nature-based treatment center Green Chimneys, you’ll help children with special needs explore the human-animal bond. Lend your organizational and administrative skills to the office of a major university. Or, head straight for the nation’s capital and sound off in policy forums with the National Education Association in Washington, D.C.

Interns in education are also researchers, writers, marketers, activists, and communicators. Opportunities to work in education crop up in every sector, so you can focus on your science or environmental expertise. Wherever you go, however, you’ll meet people who are dedicated to building new learning tools and implementing better education policies. So jump right in, and leave the experience inspired to do more.

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Summary ReadWorks is a long-standing, well-funded non-profit venture improving literacy throughout the United States and globally. ReadWorks has over 1 million active teachers, reaching over 20 million students, and is adding more than 2,000 new teacher registrants every day. We are seeki...
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