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2017 Entertainment Internships

Either you love to perform, or you love working behind the scenes to make sure a performance runs smoothly: if either of these describes you, you want to work in entertainment and your first step toward making this happen is with entertainment internships. Which subgroup of this large industry you choose to work in is up to you; you could be a Digital Comics intern with Marvel or a Comedy Development intern with ABC Entertainment Group. You’ll work hard, but with such fun and unique opportunities, interning in entertainment certainly won’t be a drag. And even more good news? By 2018, careers in entertainment will have grown by 15%, compared to 11% for all industries combined. Though the competition is fierce, getting a job in this field is incredibly fulfilling, and you’re definitely increasing your odds by taking on an entertainment internship. And with how hectic places like television studios and film sets can be, as an entertainment intern you’ll have the chance to try your hand at lots of different types of projects, giving you more occasions to shine and be noticed. With an industry whose name literally means “amusement,” you’ll enjoy yourself, and you’ll be better preparing yourself for your future by becoming an entertainment intern.

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Studio71 (fka CDS) seeks collaborative, self-starting, assertive, resourceful interns who are eager to help write the history of the rapidly evolving digital media space. Each intern is matched with a day to day supervisor who will assign projects intended to advance learning objectives and ma...
  • Easy Apply
  • Winter
A La Mode Events | New York NY and 1 other location
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Assistance with event planning, design and production. Complete clients to orders to ensure customer satisfaction Conduct market research and gather information Provide feedback and periodic reports to owners Propose ideas to improve provided services and event quality Organize facilities ...
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  • Immediate
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