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2017 Environment Internships in San Jose, CA

Find a 2017 environment Internship in San Jose, CA. The phrase “change the world” is thrown around a lot, but with environmental internships, you really can do just that. And there’s no requirement as to a specific major: anyone can help save the planet. For instance, if science is your forte, you can apply for an environment research internship; if you’re a great communicator, consider working in marketing for organizations like Greenpeace. Your internship in environmental affairs can be tailored to your particular skills and interests, so no matter what those are, you can get involved. Many internships are even funded, like the one offered by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, which will actually give you a weekly stipend. Plus you’ll get the opportunity to attend cool events as an environmental intern, like news conferences and lobby meetings. And because you get your choice of which organization or company you intern for, you can support any cause or issue you’re passionate about, be it air pollution or wildlife. Another benefit is that you don’t need to worry about location: the big environmental groups like the Sierra Club have local chapters across the country, so you can hold an environment internship wherever you live. Tons of benefits like these plus the added bonus of feeling good about the impact you’re making? It doesn’t get any better than that.

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