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2016 Fashion Internships in Los Angeles, CA

Find a 2016 fashion Internship in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re up on all the latest trends, know everything there is to know about Vera Wang and Calvin Klein, and are constantly scribbling designs in your notebook, then fashion internships are for you. There are opportunities to work right in fashion showrooms, assist in purchase order management, and, for the editorially savvy, write and edit for a fashion magazine. All the big companies offer internships in fashion, in one form or another, and not just in New York -- positions can be found across the country. And getting connections in this industry is vital, so fashion interns can really have the edge over other aspiring fashion employees. Interning in fashion allows you to express your creativity and put your ideas out there beyond what you are able to do in the classroom. You’ll have the chance to make an impact both within a company and outside of it, something not everyone can say. So if you want to break into the glamorous world of fashion, you can get on your way with an internship in fashion.

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Brand Equit | Los Angeles CA
Brand Equity Showroom, established in 1996 by Brian Stark, is a leading brand building agency in the United States. Based in Los Angeles & New York City, the agency showroom represents men’s and women’s contemporary and street wear collections as well as premium denim and accessories.Brand Equity...
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  • Fall
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Interns will gain valuable experience in the fashion and PR industry working with women/men's fashion collections....
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Love Culture ( | Los Angeles CA
Working towards/Achieved degree in fashion, or equivalent experience. is looking for part-time stylist/studio interns to join our team!...
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