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2017 Finance Internships in Los Angeles, CA

Find a 2017 finance Internship in Los Angeles, CA. Why should you consider finance internships you ask? Well, they say that money rules the world, and no matter how you may feel about this statement, it’s a pretty accurate claim. But with this in mind, careers in the financial sector are always expanding; in this economy, people are turning to financial advisors more than ever, and this occupation and others like it are only expected to continue growing. A recent article by CNBC named “Accounting/Finance” as a field in its top ten “most in-demand jobs,” since employees in finance help companies manage their top priority, money! And it doesn’t hurt that finance careers have some of the highest average salaries of all job arenas. That’s why internships in finance are a great idea. For those who aren’t sure if this field is right for them, it’s a way to test the waters and get a feel for the industry, and for business or accounting majors looking to gain experience by becoming an intern in finance, it makes for a fantastic step towards the financial career track.

Another great thing about finance internships is that they’re incredibly prevalent, not only on Wall Street, but everywhere throughout the country. Of course finance summer internships can be found at the major companies, like Goldman Sachs, which offers programs for both “Summer Analysts” and “Summer Associates,” but they can be nabbed at smaller banks and credit unions as well. This versatility is incredibly useful when students are searching for a way (and a place) to get their foot in the door on the path to their dream careers.

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Finance, Accounting, Information Services. This is a business activity that requires integration and coordination between the IS and Finance teams to ensure...
Finance co-ops/interns will receive ample opportunities to build the foundation for their finance careers. These assignments consist of projects in finance,...
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Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Corporate Finance & Short-Term Investments. You may contribute to the Company through one of the following Finance components:....
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