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2017 Forensic Science Internships

Prickling fingertips every time you watch CSI Miami, in the hopes of one day becoming a forensic scientist is not uncommon. Maybe you should consider an internship in forensic science that may just teach you new skills, to help you become the official consultant on next season’s CSI. While there are a vast amount of different scientific fields, forensic science internships included those pertaining to medical examination of bodies, laboratory analysis, cadaver sciences, and crime scene examiners. You’ve seen Doctor Temperance Brennan’s forensic science interns on Bones, haven’t you? Interns actually have the opportunity to work theoretically and practically on real crime scenes with the ability to get legitimate data for their research. Interning in forensic science can give you an outlet to a variety of different career paths that you may not have thought of. Forensic science doesn’t only pertain to criminal activity but also forensic accounting, anthropology, photography, engineering, and quite a few other fields. Forensics crosses paths with many different industries, and by finding a forensic science internship, you can grant yourself access to all of them!

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Forensic Science & Assessments; Demonstrated academic achievement in physics, material sciences, computer science or a related field....
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Digital Forensics or other quant-oriented major. And security science (i.e. Cyber Resilience and Digital Forensics....
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Mitre Corporation
Familiarity with computer forensics, malware analysis, and/or network traffic analysis. Coursework and background in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering,...
Here, science is how the magic happens. Positions are available in SAP and Identity Access Management, Endpoint Security, Risk & Compliance, and Digital...
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