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2017 Geology Internships in Tennessee

Find a 2017 geology Internship in Tennessee. When it comes to shaping our infrastructure and public policy, the earth sciences are a seismic force in society (pun intended!). Internships in geology capture what students have learned and apply them in real-life situations, such as the removal of toxic chemicals from the water and soil; the construction of buildings, roads, dams, landfills, tunnels; mining and extracting the earth’s natural resources; and drafting environmental laws.

Geology internships also afford students valuable hours in the field. In assessing geological activity, making maps, and monitoring environmental remediation, geology interns become experts at collecting and analyzing data. This skill is transferable to careers in consulting, legal, engineering, and environmental firms; state and federal government agencies, scientific publishing companies, other media outlets, universities, and city planning offices. Student may even start illustrious careers in national agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Geological Survey, or the Department of the Interior.

Interns in geology have opportunities to travel and stay on-site. For example, conduct field explorations and collect samples in the wilderness of Anchorage, Alaska. Student responsibilities may require they perform geotechnical lab tests and communicate findings with clients and other staff. Internships in geology will deepen theoretical understandings of soil mechanics and foundation engineering, slope stability, hydrogeology, and construction management.

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