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2016 Human Resources Internships

So, you’re a total people person and you’re a great problem-solver. Then you were made for human resources internships! And lucky for you, this is a rapidly-growing field with an excellent employment outlook. Not to mention you’ll be raking in the dough: the average annual salary for a human resources manager is nearly $100,000. With all of that to look forward to, surely you’re enticed by internships in human resources, which introduce you to the career and give you a taste of what you’ll be doing once you land your first HR job. You could even get a paid internship in HR: Doctors Without Borders, for example, seeks HR interns year-round and in exchange for hourly pay. You also have the freedom to choose to work in whichever kind of company you like, since virtually every business has a human resources department, from humanitarian groups to TV stations. No matter what type of environment you select, you’ll learn a ton and gain applicable skills. Plus you get to be involved in the hiring process for employees without even being an employee yourself; how cool is that? If any of the above sounds appealing to you, then intern in human resources and see if this is the right place for you.

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Philadelphia based start up,, Internship -- early stage, vibrant and innovative start up firm is looking for motivated, data-centric and marketing savvy interns for immediate work experience. Details: Candidate must be based in or around Philadelphia, PA, and possess strong ...
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