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2016 International Relations Internships in Chico, CA

Find a 2016 international relations Internship in Chico, CA. Globalization promotes a healthy current of art, ideas, and products across the continents, but it also results in collisions of politics and culture. International relations internships apply what students have learned to substantive work that helps untangle the issues of peace and health worldwide. Armed with a background in socio-historical analysis and an interdisciplinary understanding of economics, psychology, ecology, theology, and history, interns in international relations bring valuable insight to the companies and organizations they work for.

Internships in international relations may pursue any sector of global peace and war, including the political impact of technology and geography; the influence of business, trade, and finance on world politics; issues arising in security; and many others. In any specific role, international relations interns are expected to understand the current debates surrounding their organization’s mission. Opportunities to work in development, communications, marketing and public relations, advocacy, and finance exist within each organization, too.

Because many nonprofits and companies work overseas, international relations internships are great launching pads for extended stays abroad. Being stationed in another country not only gives you critical insight to the political and social fabric of the community you’re working in, but it also makes you an excellent candidate for other jobs that require international knowledge.

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