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2016 IT Entry-level Jobs in Milwaukee, WI

Find a 2016 it Entry-level Job in Milwaukee, WI. If you’re a computer whiz, then an entry-level job in IT (information technology) is a definite possibility for you. There are many different jobs in IT, and it’s easy to see why. Our world runs on computers and computer-based systems, so people are always needed for technical support, data management, programming, research, and more. This isn’t expected to change anytime soon either. Take computer and information research scientists. These professionals, whose job is to design and re-design or re-utilize technology, are some of the highest paid professionals in the industry, bringing home an average salary of $100,660 per year. Even though about 28,200 of these professionals were employed as of 2010, the need for individuals who can fill these positions is expected to grow 19% by the year 2020!

Likewise, approximately 363,100 computer programmers, who are responsible for writing software code and developing various computer programs, were employed as of 2010, yet a 12% growth in the number of these positions is expected by 2020.

Some of the best IT jobs that you can go for right now include computer support specialist, database administrator, information security analyst, software developer, and many others. Find your special area of interest and then go to work applying for IT entry-level jobs in this exciting and rapidly developing field.

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