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2017 Journalism Internships in Charlotte, NC

Find a 2017 journalism Internship in Charlotte, NC. Are you a reporter for your school newspaper who dreams of writing for the New York Times? Do you love to word-smithing sentences until they sound just right? Then a journalism internship might be perfect for you.

When thinking of journalism internships you may conjure up images of a hectic newsroom with papers flying hot off the press. Certainly some of the most sought after journalism internships still include working for prestigious newspapers and magazines like New York Times or Wall Street Journal. However, with the explosion of digital content, internships in journalism are now shifting online and moving outside the news industry. For example, many companies now seek journalism interns to help them tell their story through newsletters and blog posts and to help them cultivate an online following. These types of positions still require traditional journalism skills but applied in a more business-centric setting.

Another form of journalism internship that students have long flocked to is working on the other side of the table at PR firms. At PR firms you will craft press releases and pitch story ideas to reporters, rather than publishing the news itself. These positions just as demanding and challenging as internships in news, but oftentimes offer better pay.

So while the journalism industry is rapidly changing as online media supplants the old print industry, there are still plenty of opportunities to get excited about if you know where to look. Don’t limit yourself to traditional journalism internships—explore new online sites, many of which offer the same fast-paced work environment, and industry know-how that makes being a journalism intern great.

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Digital Music News outlet Nu Echo Media is searching for passionate, determined and capable writers to join our contributing daily news team for Spring 2017!
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A current junior or senior enrolled in a four-year college ortechnical school or a graduate student majoring in either communications,public relations,...
A major in Broadcasting, Journalism, or Communication preferred. A 3 to 6 month college level internship with primary responsibilities including, but not...
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Speedway Motorsports, Inc.
Strong writing skills are a plus and public relations or journalism majors are preferred. The Communications department offers interns practical experience...