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2017 Non-Profit Internships in Louisiana

Find a 2017 non-profit Internship in Louisiana. People say that working for free is grounds enough for admiration, but if you want to feel doubly good about yourself, intern at a nonprofit! Not only will your self-esteem improve, but you’ll be giving back to the community in a meaningful way. And nonprofit internships are widespread since organizations are always looking for help with spreading their message.

In addition, internships at nonprofits are ideal for those students who aren’t quite sure what they want to do for a career yet; with these groups, students can take on roles in the marketing arena, media, and the legal sector, among others. An added bonus of nonprofit internships is that not only do you get to choose what area within the organization you want to work in, but you also get to pick which cause you want to support -- a cause that you are truly passionate about and interested in promoting. If you love animals, you can intern for places like the Best Friends Animal Society; if it’s the environment, then you can look into Greenpeace, and similar organizations. As a nonprofit intern, you’ll get to see immediate results of your hard work, which is always rewarding, and you’ll get to meet others with shared interests, who care about the same issues that you do. There’s simply no better feeling than supporting a good cause and helping your future career at the same time.

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