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2017 Nursing Internships in Modesto, CA

Find a 2017 nursing Internship in Modesto, CA. A nursing internship helps transition students from the classroom to clinical practice, a crucial step in becoming a registered nurse (RD). Under the guidance of a coaching RD, nursing interns learn through direct, hands-on care of clients and through familiarizing themselves with new skills and lab equipment. Regular conferences with the mentoring RD ensure that the internship in nursing suits the student’s needs, and that the experience is individualized to help success. These professional relationships have the potential to become long-term mentorships as well.

Interns in nursing, of course, are prepped to enter careers in a spectrum of health-related disciplines, including working in an HIV/AIDS clinic, in critical care, or a maternity ward. The expansive field of options in nursing means that students can choose to become caretakers in any capacity, be it serving the community as a hospice nurse or helping the psychological recovery of substance abuse victims. A compassionate nurse has the opportunity to guide patients through treatment and make a genuine impact in their lives. In high demand, nurses find positions in hospitals, schools, home care facilities, government agencies, corporations, and several other work environments. This relative flexibility, combined with excellent wages, make nursing an attractive career.

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