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2016 Office and Administration Internships in Los Angeles, CA

Find a 2016 office and administration Internship in Los Angeles, CA. As a college student who’s looking into internships, you’re likely bright, responsible, and organized. With these traits in tow, why not apply them to another setting, where you can gain work experience along the way? Office and administration internships allow you to do just that: these internships in administration call on your ability to manage many tasks at once and accomplish them all with alacrity. Those seeking administration and office internships can find positions virtually anywhere, since every company relies heavily on its core team of office staff; without them, businesses simply wouldn’t run as smoothly. Administration internships also stand out on resumes, since the skills you build during your internship can transfer to any career, whether you want to work in human resources or medicine. And along these same lines, if you intern in office and administration, you have the chance to find your passion based on your work setting. Your office and administration internship can take you anywhere, and that’s what makes these opportunities so exciting. Find your internship in office and administration today and discover what the future has in store for you.

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Tree Tree Tree Inc. | Los Angeles CA
An Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning director is looking for looking for fall/winter interns to help across a variety of documentary projects. Interns will assist with whatever tasks are most pressing and this will likely include researching, transcribing and organizing footage, and helping on the...
  • Easy Apply
  • Immediate
Matson Films is looking for students to join our Los Angeles internship team. Interns will assist with grassroots outreach campaigns on multiple theatrical releases this Fall. Daily tasks will vary depending on company needs and your interests but responsibilities may include: • Coordinating a...
  • Easy Apply
  • Fall
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