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2016 Paid Internships in Washington, DC

Find a 2016 paid Internship in Washington, DC. Internships, no matter what they offer, whether it’s academic credit or just old-fashioned good experience, are incredibly valuable. But paid internships are really the icing on the cake. Not only do you get exposure to your desired field and connections for the future, but you get compensated for your hard work as well! And paid internships can be found all across the country. Companies in all arenas are looking for paid interns, from accounting to editorial. A few of the most famous programs include Ernst & Young, one of the largest accountancy firms, Walt Disney, which includes housing for its interns on top of pay, and IBM, whose internship salaries increase as additional credits toward your degree are earned.

In fact, most students who intern in paying gigs are treated like regular employees, getting benefits like paid time off, overtime pay, and job-related travel reimbursement. Essentially, your paid internship is like a mini career, and it’s even better because it’s taken on before you’ve even entered the “real world.” You get the best of both worlds with these opportunities so start your paid internship search now and cash in.

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KRā Drinks for Athletes, inc | Washington District of Columbia
Join the KRā Team as a Squad Leader Background/Description of Organization: KRā is a brand new, awesome-tasting USDA certified organic sports drink start-up. We believe that great-tasting hydration and replenishment does not have include things like artificial dyes, flavors, sweeteners or ot...
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  • Immediate
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The Camstoll Group | Washington DC
*Research Analyst Internship* We are seeking paid research analyst interns for our research staff in Washington, DC for a minimum of a three-month tenure.
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Hospice Foundation of America | Washington DC
This position involves working on an ongoing national project to raise awareness about the importance of advance care planning. Data entry, analysis and
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