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2017 Pharmaceutical Entry-Level Jobs in Pennsylvania

Find a 2017 pharmaceutical Entry-Level Job in Pennsylvania. There are many different (and usually very well-paid) entry-level jobs in pharmaceutical fields. One of the most common jobs in the industry is in wholesale and manufacturing sales. As a sales representative, you would be responsible for marketing and selling pharmaceutical products, including medications and accessories, to various healthcare or government organizations. These pharmaceutical jobs tend to pay fairly well, with the average worker bringing in a yearly salary of $56,620 per year. Most wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives will receive some on-site training in order to help them excel at their work, and currently, there are around 1,830,000 professionals working in these positions. Even with the vast number of people already employed within this field, there is still expected to be a 16% growth in job opportunities by 2020.

There are many other jobs in pharmaceutical industries as well. Pharmacists, who are responsible for being knowledgeable about different medications, filling prescriptions, and providing general advice on medication usage, are some of the most highly paid individuals in the industry. On average, they tend to earn around $111,570 per year. What’s more is that pharmacists are in very high demand; the field is expected to grow at an astonishing 25% growth rate by the year 2020.

While becoming a pharmacist generally requires a lot of training, there are pharmaceutical entry-level jobs for those who don’t wish to put themselves through quite as much schooling. Pharmacy technicians, for example, work under pharmacists and help them to perform various duties related to the job. Start your search below!

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