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2017 Photography Internships

Whether you’re a subscriber to the majestic landscapes of Ansel Adams, the political self-portraits of Cindy Sherman, or the ethereal natural sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy, photography internships will help you develop your own artistic vision while becoming acclimated to the day-to-day mechanics of how to operate a studio or agency.

Interns in photography work closely with a revolving cast of other photogs, stylists, makeup artists, set designers, models, and clients. This fast-paced environment will not only help photography interns establish the industry connections that make a successful career, but it will also teach aspiring artists to work with, manage, and support diverse professionals in intersecting roles. In a field where collaboration is king, students must balance incorporating suggestions with making definitive judgment calls about their own work.

Taking an internship in photography may lead students to a variety of possible work environments, from in-house studios at fashion labels to boutique studios specializing in wedding photography. Talented students may, for example, land a gig in the photo department at a major magazine. Photography interns research stock photos for story assignments, support administrative operations, or assist with organizing photo submissions. In a smaller photography studio, interns work in print production, graphic design, and clerical business, having a major impact on the productivity of the business.

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Gigzolo | Chicago IL and 2 other locations
Do you like photography? Correction... do you f*ing LOVE photography? Are you an awesome communicator? Do you like chatting with artists and understanding what they're all about? Yes?... Really? Maybe this gig is for you. Kindly read ALL info below before applying! WHO WE ARE: Gigzolo is...
  • Paid
  • Corporate
  • Immediate
Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert | Lake Hubert MN
Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are private residential camps in the Brainerd Area of Northern Minnesota (145 miles north of Minneapolis). The two camps are located on the same lake across from each other. We serve children ages 7 to 17 who come from all across the country and around the worl...
  • Paid
  • Corporate
  • Immediate
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