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2015 Physical Therapy Internships in Des Moines, IA

Find a 2015 physical therapy Internship in Des Moines, IA. Physical therapy internships give students the opportunity to learn about the science of kinesiology in a thrilling environment. Whether or not you are working towards a major in sports medicine or biology, a internship in physical therapy can be a great experience. The fortunate physical therapy interns have been able to shadow therapists during their day-to-day interactions with high profile athletes for their favorite sports teams. Unfortunately, most internships in physical therapy do not provide hands-on training due to legal limitations. However, you will learn a great deal about treatment, nutrition, and the general rehabilitation procedure. An intern in physical therapy can provide support for training and medical staff, work with chiropractors, learn proper warm-up, stretching, cool-down techniques, crisis management and much more. As a student interested in a medical field that does not require several years of formal education, physical therapy can be a great career. You will play a significant role in helping athletes return from injuries and have a great sense of fulfillment while doing it. If that satisfaction is not enough, it is important to note that physical therapists are compensated quite handsomely, netting about $72,000 per year. So, what are you waiting for? Are you interested in a physical therapy? Get started with your search below!

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